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MMIM -MainMenuIconManager

Name: MMIM (MainMenuIconManager)
Version: 1.7 BETA
Authors: KrasH, BigHercules
Respect: UltraShot, IronMaster
Description: The editor of the main menu icons (icons sm.Smena main menu with themes)

Change is not selected icons
Change the highlighted icons
Change of big icons (Only for A2, Layout menu - one icon)
Changing icons of elements that do not change through editing Theme.xml
Change icons when switching themes (mode "Demon")
Change the icons without rebooting
Working with an elf:
When you run the elf asks you to select mode:
"Edit" mode:
In this mode redaktiruyutsya icons of the current theme.
1.Elf shows the phone menu
2.Vybrav desired item in the Options select the "Change Icon"
3.Vybiraem icon is not selected item
4.Vybiraem icon of the selected item
5.Elf asked about the large icon (Only for A2, Layout menu - one icon):
The answer is "yes" - change the big icon.
A "No" - see p.6
6.Elf asks the question:
Answer "Yes" - to begin to change icons of another elmenta menu - see point 1.
The answer is "No" - the end of the work on the icons of elements out of an elf.
Mode "Demon":
In this mode replaces a set of icons depending on the chosen topic.
Required operations menu.ml:
Remove lock = "icons", if it is present in a block element, which we change the icon.
(For example, it was: <element lock="icons" id="Camera"> - was: <element id="Camera">)
Required functions:

;C510 R1HA035
0F1C: 00000000 DDC3EA14 ; 3C7: int Theme_DestroyMenuIcons( void );

;W760 R3EF001
0F1C: 00000000 015DE710 ; 3C7: int Theme_DestroyMenuIcons( void );

;W610 R6BC002
0F1C: 00000000 75B83745 ; 3C7: int Theme_DestroyMenuIcons( void );

Change of big icons (Only for A2, Layout menu - one icon)
Support for various topics
Working without rebooting
* Fix display of Russian characters (enable multibyte support)
Elf is under BETA, which means that the possible defects, bugs, etc.
Evading about bugs, it is desirable to make a detailed description of their actions, starting with the launch of an elf.
Tested on DB2020, DB3150, DB3210.

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Changing the main menu icons with themes

So, to change the icons / icons need:
1. Edit Theme.xml topics, to which are attached icons:

Writes back:
For non-selected icons:

<Desktop_icon_image ID="element_id" Source="unselected_img_file_name"/>

For the selected icons:

<Desktop_icon_selected_image ID="element_id" Source="selected_img_file_name"/>

1. element_id - the name of the menu item that we want to change.
2. unselected_img_file_name - file name is not selected icons (eg: camera_unselected.png)
3. selected_img_file_name - file name selected icons (eg: camera_selected.png)

2. Pack into THM files are icons:
For this purpose, excellent for Total Commander.

3. Edit menu menu.ml block variable element:
Remove lock = "icons", if it is present.
(For example, it was: <element lock="icons" id="Camera"> - was: <element id="Camera">)
4. Apply to make a theme, enjoy the new menu icons =)

Available elements for DB2020 and DB3210:

Tested on DB2020 and DB3210. Checking and evading