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02-07-2010, 15:28
[UCThunder v1.2.11 build2010063012 Beta S60v3 SymbianOS9.X {Download manager} [CN

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UC Thunder is excellent, as companies such as mobile terminal platform based on mobile phones developed by a Chinese language interface, mobile phone download software. UC Thunder full-featured, easy to use mobile phone to download the software, it has a powerful multi-protocol support and resource aggregation, and support to download large files, support multi-tasking multi-threaded download, support for HTTP, Thunder, Express, BT download resources, and Users recommend the most popular download resource, providing vast amounts of resources retrieval. For mobile phone users, the use of UC Thunder is free. Thunder UC UC browser with each call, the mobile phone users with a more powerful download features and services.

Whats new:
★ Support the eDonkey;
★ Support uc players association (avi, mp4, wmv, 3gp, flv, mkv, rm, rmvb).
--- Downloaded interface, on the format of the resources available through 'menu -> UC audio-visual open' option play resources;
★ Increasing the task before downloading, file name & file path prompt.
--- Advanced Settings in the 'download file before the prompt' option set to 'open', will pop up before downloading the file name & file path prompt box;
★ Advanced settings increase the "Download Complete prompt manner" (vibration);
★ Downloaded interface, pop-up menu to add "file management" option;
★ Resource library, resource details new interface features a large map;
★ Increasing search for "novel" category;
★ Search for popular keywords function;
★ Downloaded interface, read / unread resources to distinguish between the font color feature. Resources on the right shows unread 'Open' button (V5);
★ Resource library interface, has / has not download the font color distinction between resources. Download resources is not the right show 'Download' button (V5);
★ BT select the file interface of 'mark all''All Cancel' button (V5);
★ Some small features optimized: launch speed and operating speed of optimization, UI interface adjustments (initialize interface), the adjustment of the menu display (font size), suspended box display adjustments (floating box displayed in the interface), menu bar prompts the adjustment (increase of 'floating frame can be set to' prompt).

Note: UC browser eDonkey links to related UC Thunder download, need to UC browser 7.3 version implementation, before, you Friends of the Friends of the available UC browser, copy the eDonkey link, and then in the UC Thunder New tasks to download.

Release date: 30-06-2010

02-07-2010, 19:31
زبان انگلیسی که میاد دوست من.

03-07-2010, 11:39
چجوری وقتی داریم با opera کار میکنیم دانلود رو به این این برنامه منتقل کنیم؟