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11-06-2011, 04:14
My Paper Plane 2 (3D) v2.0.5

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Requirements: Minimum Operating System: Android 1.6

Overview: My Paper Plane 2 (3D) is an action game for your smartphone or Honeycomb tablet in which you fly a paper plane, seemingly jet-powered, through selectable 3D landscapes and various obstacle courses, while grabbing stars for points and dodging trees or buildings to stay aloft
This app features a tutorial course to accustom you to the accelerometer tilt controls and to learn the basics of the game. The use of accelerometer technology is flawless and smooth: tilting the device up and down and side to side gives you total control in steering the plane and adjusting altitude, which you'll need if you want to collect as many stars as possible.

Gameplay and Features
In My Paper Plane 2 you'll choose from four detailed landscape courses: Canyon Town, Laguna Run, Evening City, and Neon Speedway. You can also choose four levels of difficulty for each landscape. Each landscape presents new obstacles, and as you play through each level the number of obstacles increases for challenging gameplay.

Your mission: collect all stars within each level to win a gold medal. If not, you may fail the level and have to repeat it. You can also attain to Silver and Bronze medals if the gold eludes you.

Be careful. As you fly through the many rings to collect stars, you must avoid hitting the sides of the rings; if you don't, you'll crash and burn. These are just some of the dangers you face in this exciting game for Android.

3D virtual piloting game for Android
Smooth 3D graphics
Responsive accelerometer controls
4 landscapes with 4 difficulty levels for each
Honeycomb compatible

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bazish nasb nemishe man sesation xl daram ta nasb mikonameror mide