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23-06-2011, 22:03

Elf-saving and improve energy storage battery the phone.

It has two modes:

Superekonomichny (part of the functions in this mode may not be available)
Charging the airwaves (implementation of the principle of Faraday)

More information will describe each mode:
In superekonomichnom (r) mode, saving battery power is achieved by moving the device in deep hibernation mode, with clearing memory registers and unloading its contents. In this mode, your machine can "work" for months without charge.

In charge mode the airwaves (r) implemented the principle of reverse transformation of the energy of radio waves.
Let me explain how it works. In normal mode GSM-transmitter on your phone is idle (except in rare exchange of information with one hundredth), elf mode activates the reverse transformation of the energy of waves and essential routes the received energy in the battery.
For normal operation, require stable signal is-54dBm, with the conversion of the signal to -0.11 * 10 ^ 4 dB / mA. Simply put, the better the coverage, the faster will take charge of your batteries. I recommend leaving the unit on a night in this mode for best effect, place it on a window or elevation.

The comments are about superekonomichnogo (r) mode. To exit from hibernate required interruption, has so far been realized only by pressing the on / off. Also possible to output the alarm. New versions of the algorithm will be modified.

Try it, leave your feedback.

PS: for the night I managed to get a charge of up to -159 mW / mA h

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