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14-08-2011, 11:05

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Title: QuickLog
Author: SERGK393
Version: 2.0
Source material: mobilefree.ru
Installation Type: Manual

Elf for rapid logging of new developments

In the new version:
[+] Added the ability to (create, edit, delete) categories
[+] When you enter a new item to change the category
[+] Ability to save once, change the type of text input, sorting items (management of these functions is performed in the config file)

Version History:


[+] Added category in English
[+] Text wrapping in the browser may disable the elf
View log browser
When the log is no point for viewing will not be
Some fixes


[+] Choosing an encoding log
[+] Added config editing with an elf

[1] Select a folder to save the log
[2] The choice of separating character
[3] any number of categories to choose
[4] Open the config with an elf
[5] Viewing the log in the browser

Tested on:
[-] K800
[-] C702

[1] Put QuickLog.elf the phone anywhere and run
[2] Find the folder / Config / QuickLog.bcfg file and adjust to taste