توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : رام گلكسي 2 كوك شده با بيس KI4_2.3.5 بنام HyperDynamic

24-10-2011, 14:31
سلام به همه دوستان

رام ايتاليايي HyperDynamic رو بهتون معرفي ميكنم

ويژگيها :

- بيس KI4_2.3.5

- بك آپ اتوماتيك از EFS

- پشتيبانيه كامل از BLN

- استفاده از Jkay V12.1

- و . . .


- Based on official XXKI4 2.3.5
- Modem XXKI4
- Kernel Ninphetamine 2.1.3
- CSC Multi XAKI4
- Non-Wipe
- Deodexed
- Zipaligned
- Root
- Touchwiz 4 launcher
- EFS Automatic Backup (sdcard/EFS_BACKUP)
- BLN Support
- Non incremental ringhtone
- Market 3.2 ported from Nexus Prime
- Miui Music
- Digital Clock
- Go Wheater
- ES Monitor
- Camera hack ( shot with volume + / -)
- Some beauty Wallpaper in sdcard
- Jkay v 12.1 theme and app
* Added: Auto collapse statusbar on/off
* Added: 6 button quick panel on/off
* Removed padding code from sound toggle
* Changed the default shortcuts on lock screen (now only Unlock and Sound toggle at center, so glass left, right and up will all be unlock and down will be silent)
* Added Flashlight toggle to quick panel (it keeps screen on! So remember to turn it off using button or power button)
* Added Auto brightness toggle to quick panel
* Added Secure toggle to quick panel (your unlock screen will switch to your selected lock screen while not secure)
* Fixed vibration toggle on quick panel and Phone options dialog (now switches correctly according to vibration state: always off, always on, only in silent mode, only if not in silent mode)
* Toggle for Deluxe quick panel (requires reboot, if off then it's only the 5 stock quick panel buttons that are shown)
* Toggle for Bluetooth On notification
* Toggle for status bar vibrate icon (show only when in silent mode)
* Toggle for lock screen charging info
* Toggle for lock screen next alarm info
* Toggle for lock screen date
* 'Next Alarm' information on lock screens
* Use AOSP clock style on all deluxe lock screens (as a toggle)
* Long date format on all deluxe lock screens (like Monday, 26 September as a toggle)
* Charging information on all deluxe lock screens
* Center clock, date and charging info on all deluxe lock screens (as a toggle)
* 2 lock screens (JKay Glass Deluxe and JKay AOSP Deluxe)
* Support for Transparent wallpaper!
* Support for Live Wallpapers on Unlock screens (pattern/pin/password)!
* A toggle to remove leading zero of the clock on the lock screen
* A toggle to remove the quick button text (requires reboot)
* A toggle for CRT TV on effect (bypassing Animation setting!)
* A toggle for CRT TV off effect (bypassing Animation setting!)
* A toggle to hide the clock from statusbar (move it over next to date, requires reboot)
* A toggle to remove the carrier label from the notification bar (requires reboot)
* 'Show lock screen when secure' toggle (shows AOSP/Glass lockscreen before unlock screen aka pattern/pin/password)
* Support for Skipping music track/fm radio station using vol-up/down-keys when screen is off (as a toggle)
* 15 seconds timeout... (as a toggle)
* Flashlight on/off toggle from both JKay Deluxe lock screens (5 mins timeout)
* Sound on/off toggle from both JKay Deluxe lock screens
* Screenshot from the Power options dialog
* Full charge notification on/off toggle
* Low battery notification on/off toggle
* Confirm shutdown on/off toggle (asks for confirmation when using Reboot, Recovery, Download and Power off)
* Correctly colored overscroll glow pngs (for the overscroll glow users out there )
* Support for custom launch actions from lock screens
* Support for custom icons on JKay AOSP Deluxe lock screen
* Support for disabling Home button double click
* Support for home screen wallpaper on lock screen (use live wallpapers on the lock screen like on the good old SGS!)
* Support for lock screen clock on/off
* Support for no Unlock animation
* Long click quick panel buttons will launch respective settings menu
* Horizontal scrollable quick panel with 4 new toggles Data / Flight mode / Sync and Vibrate
* Support for Vibrate on/off when unlocking
* Support for Dark background on/off
* Supports customizable Power Options Dialog
* Supports SIP & VOIP
* Support for WiFi statusbar icon change when fully connected


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