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GamePlaySE - gpSE

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[gpSE] GamePlaySE
Emulator of the Game Boy Advance handheld console.

2011 MaW

gpSE is port of gp2x version of Exophase's gpSP, popular for its performance on mobile devices.

Thanks to Marian90(EBA) for support.

1. System Requirements:
- DB2020, DB3150, DB32x0 or DB3350 Sony Ericsson phone
- As much free heap as you can get (See NOTE 1)
- Elfpack installed with latest library and dyn_const

2. Usage:
- put gba_bios.bin and game_config.txt to other/gpSE/ in phone memory or card. SEE COPYRIGHT NOTE.
- Use extman+extedit to assign .gba/.bin to gpSE.elf
- put your games in other/gpSE/ in phone memory or card
- run elf by clicking on a game, or by clicking on the elf and choosing game from the list

NOTE 1: on DB2020 and in big-sized games on DB3150 it is strongly recommended to turn off ALL other elfs, wallpapers, flash menus etc. to give gpSE as much heap as it's possible. Some games such as GTA will not work properly (read: will be very slow) on DB2020 devices, although it does not apply to all big-sized ROMs.

NOTE 2: on 320x240 screen it is strongly recommended to NOT USE Scaling or rotation due to performance issues. Will try to minimize this problem in future releases.

NOTE 3: In current version (0.52) it is possible to save the game only by using in-game save option. Be aware that not all games have such option.

COPYRIGHT NOTE: To legally use game roms you must own an original cartridge with the game, same goes with GBA bios, therefore obviously linking to or asking for commercial games here is prohibited.

You can get non-commercial ROMs for the emulator >here<, (http://pdroms.de/files/gameboyadvance/) although they still do require original bios.

Be aware that not all games will run on this emulator, and some other will be too slow to be playable.

Incompatible Game Workarounds:
GTA Advance:(necessary to run) Start the game on your PC using another emulator, complete the 1st tutorial mission and save the game using in-game save option. Copy the .sav file on your phone, making sure .gba and .sav file have identical names and load game after running the rom.


There are 3 versions available, they differ in memory usage:
[L]ow - recommended for DB2020
[M]edium - recommended for DB3150
[H]igh - recommended for DB32x0, DB3350

Have Fun~,

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برای اجرای درست باید حتما فایل های DYn و Lib تون به روز باشن.
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