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04-01-2012, 23:02

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All my enemies v2.1.2

Android 1.5








All My Enemies v2.1.2
Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: Impressive vertical space shooter, HD Graphics and Music
"My dear servant, I, your Emperor, have strict orders for you. You must finish all opposition to my power, you must destroy all my enemies."
Increase your rage against the rebel horde in a pure arcade/action space shooter.
Classic space shooter with a modern touch , outstanding graphics and music.
Play to gain experience, collect gold to obtain more power-ups and unleash an extreme firepower.
Inspired by SHMUP games such as Gradius, Ikaruga, R-Type, Donpachi, etc..
Nice graphics.
Superb music and realistic sound effects.
12 levels.
6 different planets.
6 deadly final bosses.
Loads of differents enemies ships flying in strategic formations.
Gather bonuses, lives and 9 weapons upgrades.
Three modes of control: tilting, touching and Zeemote.
Graphics quality adjustable to improve the performance in low-end smartphones.
Works fullscreen on Android Tablets.
All screens supported.
Graphics stored in SD.
APP2SD supported.
Integration with ScoreLoop online leaderboards.
The permission of "Read contact data" and "Personal information" and used by Scoreloop.
The permission of "Bluetooth" is used by Zeemote to control joystick.
A secure version without permissions for those who seek security in their applications exists. All My Enemies Secure
Help us to improve the game, send bugs or problems by email (rather than rating it bad), write critical comments but please be constructive, .
If you like Overkill, Wrath, Space War, Astral Commander or Aeolian Stars for Android, Try it!
Deals of the Day [gizmodo.com]
"All My Enemies is beautifully designed and rendered. The game also moves at faster frame rate than your usual Android games. Is a pretty good Android game. It has enough of the stuff that you’ll look for in an action-adventure-space-shooter."
-Arnold Zafra, Android Apps.
"Number 21 in the list of the 46 best applications of the week."
-Artem Russakovski, Android police.
"Fantastic space opera"
"The app show" video review:
"All My Enemies is a successful tribute to the arcade ers of yesteryear, and is the ideal score attack game"
Improved touch control.
Support for Samsung Galaxy.
Support for Xoom.
Support for Zeemote.
Support for Tegra.