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18-09-2007, 15:28
Contacts Manager

Contacts Manager for Nokia 92xx/9300/9500 can export/imports contacts from/to Nokia 9210/9210i/9210c/9290/9500/9300 phones using a CSV or TXT file with delimiters. This application can also read (import) contacts data created by Contacts Manager for Series 60 or by Contacts Manager+ for SE P800/900/910 (UIQ) phones.

The advantage

Unlike similar programs, Contacts Manager is able to save (export) into textual file virtually all data from the contacts database of the phone.

Contacts database transfer between phones using synchronization with PIM (e.g., MS Outlook or Lotus Notes) might be incomplete (lossy) - especially in the case that contact cards in the communicator or smartphone contain more fields then contact cards in the PIM are able to accept. Export using Contacts Manager keeps also hidden items as well as hidden field properties.


As a result of export, you will get delimited CSV/TXT file in Unicode with data ordered into "columns". Export supports also multi-fields (repeating fields) and fields with user-defined description, and conceded and hidden fields, hidden subtypes (properties) as well as special fields, are also handled properly. Result file can contain also group definitions and other supplement records. Parameters of the result (CSV/TXT) file can be defined in Settings - according to the user's needs. Exported file can be imported into a spreadsheet or database application on PC, or (again using Contacts Manager) into Nokia 9210/9210i/9210c/9290/9500/9300, Series 60 phone, or SE P800/900/910, etc. And after conversion to NCC format, you can load contacts also into Nokia Series 40 phone.


You can import CSV/TXT file exported by Contacts Manager(+) from Nokia 92xx/9500/9300, Series 60, or SE P800/900/910 (UIQ) phone (or created manually using the CntMng export protocol format definition). You can also import contacts from Nokia Series 40 phone (conversion from NCC format needed). Import **** contacts into the contacts database. Recognized items are imported into proper fields, and for each unrecognized or unknown item a new 'Note' field is created in the contact card.