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18-07-2012, 08:05
ROM Features

Almost all Xperia S apps integrated except for lockscreen, conversations(you can use the Xperia S one if you want it's also bug free), FM Radio.
Reboot power menu integrated (Reboot, Fastboot, Recovery)
12 Power Notification menus with QuickPanel settings app to customize the notification menus.
Customized Xperia S Homescreen(Rotateable Home, 7 homescreen, 2 top desk corners enabled)
Beats audio support
Clear Bass support(no bugs)
Framework-res, framework.jar & SystemUI.apk mods applied
Xperia S Power Module enabled
CosmicFlow & 3D Earth live wallpapers included
Xperia S theme chooser
Modified Package installer

And many more...

Kernel & Ramdisk Features

Overclocking support Overclockable up to 2.01Ghz (defaults at 1.02Ghz)
Lots of kernel governors enabled (SmartassV2, interactiveX, lagfree, minmax, Scary, smartass, and all the common governors)
Undervolting support
IO Schedulers noop, anticipatory, deadline, cfq, bfq, vr etc.
Swap enabled
TUN driver integrated
Some of Doomlords latest patches on Doomkernel
Doomlord's Touch Based CWM Support
Init.d Support

راهنمای نصب:
رام را دانلود و بر روی مموری کپی کنید.
توسط فست بوت فایل boot.img رو ابتدا فلش کنید .
پس از نصب کرنل یا همان فایل بوت گوشی به صورت خود کار ریست میشود سپس کلید volume down رو چند بار بزنید تا به حالت ریکاوری وارد بشه.
سپس از طریق منوی ریکاوری رام رو نصب کنید .
ریست کنید و تمام.