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14-07-2013, 05:29
Paperland Pro Live Wallpaper v3.0


★اجرا روي اندرويد 2.3 یا بالاتر★

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Requires Android:
2.3 and up

A fantastic paper cut-out landscape scrolls across your screen! Choose a fixed time of day, or let the sun and moon rise and set according to real world around you.

Choose from a variety of built in themes:
+ Silent Night
+ Desert Migration
+ Beach

The Pro version includes several extra themes as well:
+ Tundra
+ Papery Land
+ Wilderness
+ Sunset
+ Silhouette
+ Marina
+ Amethyst
Hvad indeholder denne version:
1.9.6 Live Weather Beta 2
Live Weather is now in Beta 2, and anyone in the United States is welcome to try it out. Please contact us for a beta key if you live in that region. Rest of the world is next!
Added adjustable cloud height and twinkling stars at night.
Removed GPS permission, live weather will only use coarse network location

What's in this version:
3.0 Global Live Weather
Paperland is now one year old, and to celebrate we're making live, local weather available in all regions. You can check out Weather > Live Weather Info for more details or to provide feedback.
Please let us know if you have any issues, we'd like to make live weather work well for everyone across the globe!

http://www.upgir.com/uploads/13575472851.png (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.joko.paperlandpro)

Paperland Pro Live Wallpaper v3.0 (http://dl.mobilestan.net/index.php/files/get/GRE-tIWIX5/phkflajga.zip)3.08 MB