توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : [رام] کاستوم گلکسی نوت 4 به نام AllianceROM مختص N910F

06-04-2015, 10:25
کاستوم رام معروف AllianceROM


ویژگی ها :

Based on Samsung 5.0.1 N910FXXU1BOB4
Rooted, Deodexed, BusyBox, Init.d, Sqlite3
ROM Customizer with root browser, widgets
OTA for ROM updates and link to alliance rom website Thanks Kryten2k35;
Alliance Manager Theme/Backup Engine
18 Preset Styles to change theme in 1 click!
Modified Toolbox to allow up to 10 shortcuts instead of 5
Total toggle amount is 27
Pull up in launcher to launch custom app @txr33 - Thanks fake_japanese_guy for posting the app to try in other roms which saved adding to our app picker
Slide left in launcher to launch custom app @txr33
Added About Alliance To about phone
Added Custom Extended Power/Reboot Menu
Added A ton of Open Source FlipFonts
Disabled Flipfont Verification Checks
Disabled Signature Verification Checking
Disabled Scrolling cache Systemwide
Disabled Samsungs Secure Storage
Enabled app ops permission management
Enabled Call/Message Blocking
Enabled External Sd-Card Read/Write Functionality
Enabled custom longpress options on samsung keyboard
Enabled By Default Package Verifier OFF
Enabled All disabled Settings widgets
Enabled Launcher app menu list functionality
Camera Lockscreen shortcut
Increased message limit per hour
Enabled Scheduled Messaging
Enabled Scheduled Messaging
Enabled Save Restore Messages (sms only)
Enabled Group Conversation Messages
Enabled Split View Option For Messaging When In Landscape
Up to 200 contacts for messages
Message sent time shown
Increased sms-mms threshold
General Battery and Performance Tweaks

Alliance Custom Settings:
Updated Alliance Settings to new application with sliding tabs nav drawer and more;

Color/Theme Options
Option to link all color options toghether or color seperately
Option to Set Color/transparency popups (e.g powermenu bg) with toggle - make your own tinted glass backgrounds!
Option to Set Color popups text with toggle
Option to Set Color/transparency list menu bg with toggle
Option to Set Action bar text color with toggle
Option to Set Actionbar bg color with toggle
Option to Set System Background Color and/or Gradient Type for 2 or 3 colors
Option to Set System Background Image and Transparency
Option to Set StatusBar Color and/or Gradient Type
Option to Set StatusBar Background Image and Transparency
Option to Set Dropdown Header Color
Option to Set Toggle Background Color and/or Gradient Type and Circle Type/Color
Option to Set Brightness Slider Background Color
Option to Set custom wallpaper on Notification Items with alpha slider
Option to Set 3 color gradient for Notification Items
Option to Set Clock Color, Dropdown Clock Color, Date Color
Option to Set Settings text color
Option to Set Settings Icon color
Option to Set Keyboard background wallpaper
Option to Set keyboard key shadow color
Option to Set keyboard background color
Option to Set keyboard text color
Option to Set keyboard function key bg color
Option to Set keyboard main key bg color
Option to Set keyboard disabled key bg color
Some stock email text content colour options
Option to Set Wifi Icon Color, Signal Color, Settings Button Color
Option to Set Notification icons Color, Notification Text Color, Ticker Text Color, Carrier Color
Option to Set Traffic Color, Alliance Logo Color
Option to Set Toggle Color
Option to Set Toggle Text Color
Toggle background style -* Thanks tiredStoreman for images
Option to Set Phone Text Color, secondary text color, in app button text color popup header color, in app list text color all with toggles to return to default
Option to Set Power menu text Color, Settings Text Color, Toast Text Color Lockscreen text Color
Option to Set Power Menu Color,
Option to Set Brightness Slider Color

Clock, Notification Panel, StatusBar, Toggles
3 Minit Battery
Option to set statusbar Clock size
Option to enable Clock seconds
Option to set Clock font style
Option to set date style
Option to set date format
Option to Set Clock Position
Option to Set Am/pm Style
Option to Set Day of Week Style
Option to Set Dropdown date Format
Option to Set Dropdown date shortclick/longclick action
Option to set Dropdown Date size
Option to show statusbar icons in dropdown
Option to add Aosp Clear Button, Lock Button, Recents Button, Settings Button, hide Dropdown Header
Option to enable/disable Sfinder, Brightness Slider
Option for any app for sfinder button
Option for alliance button in expanded header to launch alliance settings or any app
Option to Set Custom Carrier Text
Option to Battery Bar, Bar Style, Bar thickness, Bar Anim
Option to add Omni traffic meter with options for left or right side, update interval, hide when inactive and download/upload colors
Option to pick Data Icon Type (Att/Tmo)
Option to pick number of signal bars used 4, 5, 6
Option to enable or disable signal in/out icon
Option to enable or disable wifi in/out icon
Option to hide/display toggle text, circle background
Option to set number of toggles in view
Option to hide Blocking Mode Notification, Ime Icon, Low storage notification, Unstable Wifi Notification
Option to hide Alarm Icon, Bluetooth Icon, Sound Icon, SmartStay Icon, Nfc Icon
Option to Double tap statusbar sleep
Option to disable/enable HeadsUp Notifications with Blacklist
Option to set HeadsUp Notifcation fade speed

Extended Power Menu Options
Option to Hide/Show Data Toggle
Option to Hide/Show Airplane Toggle
Option to Hide/Show Accesibility Shortcut
Option to Hide/Show Power Off Shortcut
Option to Hide/Show Restart Menu
Option to Hide/Show Sound Mode Toggles
Option to Hide/Show Emergency Mode Toggle
Option to Hide/Show Screenshot Toggle
Option to Hide/Show Screen Record Toggle

Phone Mods
Enable/Disable Record Button/Add Call Button In Phone
Option to enable/disable increasing Ringtone
Option to restart Phone and InCallUI

LockScreen Mods
Option to turn ink effect on/off
Option to Select Custom Ink Effect Color
Option to Enable Random Ink Effect Color
Option to Enable/Disable Lockscreen Sounds
Stock Lockscreen Settings Shortcut

General Mods
Choose from 9 functions for long press back - Default, Now, Custom App, Kill, Screenshot, Lock Screen, Torch, Recents, Menu
Choose from 9 functions for long press home
Choose from 9 functions for long press menu
Choose from 9 functions for double press home
Choose from 9 functions for short press menu
Power longpress timeout choices
Double tap timeout choices
Long Press Volume Music Controls With Screen Off
Listview Animation Style Picker
Listview Interpolator Picker
Toast Animation Picker
Disable home key wake toggle
Full charge noti toggle
Enable/Disable Wake when plugging
Enable/Disable Wake when unplugging
Enable/Disable Low Battery Popup
Enable/Disable Full Charge Notification
Enable/Disable USB Connect Sound
All rotation toggle
Ime cursor control with vol buttons
Added option to use private mode with insecure lockscreen
Added option to disable the ongoing Private Mode notification
Added Nfc option for screen off, onlockscreen or unlocked only and nfc icon type

روش نصب :

1- به تنظیمات قسمت security رفته و تیک reactivation lock را بردارید.

2- رام را دانلود کرده و در حافظه ی دیوایس قرار دهید.

3- از efs نسخه ی پشتیبان تهیه کنید.

4-وارد محیط ریکاوری شوید.

5- وایپ دیتا انجام دهید.

6- فایل مربوط به رام را فلش بزنید.

اسکرین شات :


AllianceROM v2.2 (http://www.mediafire.com/download/83tc9kb8qi2rvvc/AllianceROM_V2.2_N910F.zip)