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16-05-2006, 15:16
Nuance.TALKS.v2.01.5.Nokia.9200.S80.SymbianOS7.Cra cked-BiNPDA

Nuance.TALKS.v2.01.5.Nokia.9500.Nokia.9300.S80.Sym bianOS7.Cracked-BiNPDA


اين برنامه به صورت سنخنكَو براي نابينايان عمل ميكند

Nuance TALKS™ converts the display text of a cellular handset into highly intelligible speech, making the device completely accessible for blind and visually impaired people. Nuance TALKS runs on Symbian-powered mobile phones to speech-enable contact names, callerID, text messages, help files and other screen content.

Spelling speed setting
Allows the user to define different speech rates for normal read-out and spelling text.
Various options for reading numbers
Numbers longer than four digits can now be read as single digits, double digits, or whole numbers.
Echo mode
An independent setting allows the user to turn on a special key echo mode for those who like to use the T9 dictionary when entering text.
Echo Passwords mode
Allows the user to hear the letters entered into a password field.
TALKS Key Timeout and TALKS Mode Timeout
Allows the user to set a timeout for cases where the TALKS key is pressed accidentally, and allow to repeat a command or even execute different commands without Pressing the TALKS key again.
Hear caller ID information
Adds speech output to the original user interface of the cell phone.
Software only
No additional hardware is needed.
Uses ETI-Eloquence Text-to-Speech
Widely used in desktop screen reading applications.
Control over volume and speaking rate
Supports many third-party applications
Supports IM+ (Instant Messenger) [S60], the Wayfinder GPS application [S60], and the SolvoEd dictionary [S60 and S80].

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داونــــــــــــلــــــــ ـود از ايــــــنجـــــــا (http://www.uploading.com/?get=F3AVMI71)


22-05-2006, 08:22
سلام محمد جان اولا ميخواستم ازت بابت نرم افزارهاي شاهكاري كه اينجا ميذاري تشكر كنم و ثانيا ازت بپرسم ديكشنري انگليسي به فارسي براي 9500 سراغ داري يا هنوز چنين ديكشنري نيومده . بازم ممنون

22-05-2006, 10:27
عليكم السلام ،،
از لطف شما ممنون ، نه متآسفانه نيومده تا اونجايي كه من اطلاع دارم .
موفق باشيد

14-06-2006, 08:20
محمد جان سلام من اين متن را در اصل براي شما نوشتم ولي براي يكي ديگر از عزيزان پست كردم...
سلام برادر محمد عزيز ....... مدتهاست كه برنامه اي جديد براي دارندگان بيچاره :113: comunicator هاي نوكيا نگذاشتي غافل از اينكه آنها چشم اميدشان به توست. :praise: هر كجا هستي سلامت و موفق باشي