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17-08-2007, 11:03
نرم افزاری برای اکسپورت کردن و ذخیره کردن Call History برای حفظ آن به صورت یک فایل TXT
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Size: 4 KB
Date: March 7, 2007
• Windows Mobile 2002 / 2003 / 2003 SE / 5.0
• ARM Processors

CallHistoryExport is the small utility that exports phone call log. Upon starting it exports all call records into one text file. When the export is complete it shows the final dialog with number of call records written.
This export may be useful for statistics purposes, call analysis, etc.
Anyway, it is not so difficult to think up why one may need to export calls (no matter completed or just dialed or dropped) very quickly without PC connectivity.

Output filename is hardcoded to "\callhistory.txt".
Devices running Windows Mobile 2003 will operate with such a file very well but with every system restart you?ll lose the file.

Tip: maximum call log length is defined in registry value
HKEY_CURRENT_USER/ControlPanel/Phone/CallHistoryMax (DWORD)

Output file format
Fields are tab-delimited, each call record fits in one line. Fields short description:
- IOM - call direction (Incoming, Outgoing, Missed).
- number - number or no number.
- name - name from the phonebook (presented at the moment of making call) or empty field.
- numbertype - number type (m, w, h, rdo, w2, h2, etc. - phonebook standard number types).
- timestart - call start time formatted as ?YYYY.MM.DD HH24:mm.ss?
- duration - call duration in seconds.
- roam - roaming call flag (roam or local).
- connected - call was connected flag (Connected or busy/no answer).
- ended - call was ended flag (Ended or Dropped).
- CallerIdType - Called Id type (CID_Available, CID_Blocked or CID_Unavailable).