توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : 10 گونه جانوري كه شايد تا چند سال ديگر منقرض شوند را بشناسيد

05-04-2009, 16:39
http://img.timeinc.net/time/photoessays/2009/species_brink/species_brink_01.jpg (http://www.iran-iran.ir/helpgroup.htm)

کرگدن جاوه ای شمار برجای مانده: شصت مورد

Javan Rhinoceros
Indonesia and Vietnam
Number remaining: fewer than 60
Perhaps the planet's rarest large mammal. Its horn is prized by poachers, and its forests are prized by developers. Both could spell doom for the species


http://img.timeinc.net/time/photoessays/2009/species_brink/species_brink_02.jpg (http://www.iran-iran.ir/helpgroup.htm)

نهنگ کوتوله خلیج کلیفرنیا (شمار برجای مانده: 200تا 300مورد)

Gulf of California
Number remaining: 200 to 300
One of the rarest cetaceans in the world, the Vaquita is endangered by both its limited range and the ease with which it gets caught in fishing nets


http://img.timeinc.net/time/photoessays/2009/species_brink/species_brink_03.jpg (http://www.iran-iran.ir/helpgroup.htm)

گوریل کراس ریور (شمار برجای مانده: کمتر از 300مورد)

Cross River Gorilla
Nigeria and Cameroon
Number remaining: fewer than 300
Thought to be extinct in the 1980s, the species is holding on, for now. Hunted for bush meat and crowded out by development, it may not last long.

http://img.timeinc.net/time/photoessays/2009/species_brink/species_brink_04.jpg (http://www.iran-iran.ir/helpgroup.htm)

ببر سوماترا (شمار برجای مانده: کمتر از 600 مورد)

Sumatran Tiger
Sumatra, in Indonesia
Number remaining: fewer than 600
This small tiger has lived only in Sumatra for a million years, making it hard to escape human expansion. Most survivors dwell in reserves, but about 100 live beyond the borders of the protected areas.

http://img.timeinc.net/time/photoessays/2009/species_brink/species_brink_05.jpg (http://www.iran-iran.ir/helpgroup.htm)

لانگور سر طلایی (شمار برجای مانده: کمتر از 70 مورد)

Golden-Headed Langur
Number remaining: fewer than 70
All but wiped out, this primate was placed under protection in 2000. It is still in grave danger, but in 2003 its numbers rose for the first time in decades



راسوی پا سیاه (شمار برجای مانده: حدود 1000مورد)

Black-Footed Ferret
North American Great Plains
Number remaining: about 1,000
The continent's only native ferret is one of its most endangered mammals. In 1986, there were only 18 individuals left, but the species is clawing back.



کوتوله برونیو (شمار برجای مانده : حدود 1500مورد)

Borneo Pygmy Elephant
Northern Borneo
Number remaining: about 1,500
Shorter than the Asian elephant by about 20 in. (50 cm), the Borneo pygmy elephant is also more docile. Palm plantations have reduced its range, leaving it crowded for space.

http://img.timeinc.net/time/photoessays/2009/species_brink/species_brink_08.jpg (http://www.iran-iran.ir/helpgroup.htm)

پاندای غول پیکر (شمار برجای مانده: کمتر از 2000 مورد)

Giant Panda
China, Burma, Vietnam
Number remaining: fewer than 2,000
Loss and fragmentation of habitat are to blame for the panda's perilous state. Captive breeding and species protection are helping the panda hang on—barely.

http://img.timeinc.net/time/photoessays/2009/species_brink/species_brink_09.jpg (http://www.iran-iran.ir/helpgroup.htm)

خرس قطبی (شمار برجای مانده: کمتر از 25000 مورد)

Polar Bear
The circumpolar Arctic
Number remaining: fewer than 25,000
Human development and poaching have long threatened the polar bear, but climate change and the loss of sea ice are now pushing it onto the critical list.

http://img.timeinc.net/time/photoessays/2009/species_brink/species_brink_10.jpg (http://www.iran-iran.ir/helpgroup.htm)

گربه ماهی غول آسای مکونگ (شمار برجای مانده: تنها چند صد مورد)

Mekong Giant Catfish
Mekong region of Southeast Asia
Number remaining: hundreds
Prized for its enormous size (the largest ever caught was 646 lb., or 293 kg), it is now protected in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, but fishing goes on.

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بیچاره اینا...........یکی نیس به دادشون برسه..

05-04-2009, 19:02
کی نسل بشر منقرض میشه که همه از دستش راحت شن!؟!؟!:55::19::55:

05-04-2009, 19:18
با درود

راستی راجع به یوز ایرانی چیزی نداشت؟! یا عملا اون رو منقرض شده دونستند؟؟!!!

05-04-2009, 19:20
دوستان خیالتون راحت دنیا آکواریوم نسل های حیوانها است و هر بار که حیوانی منقرض میشه مطمئن باشید حیوات دیگری بوجود میان.از نسلی جدید. وگرنه تا حالا حیوونی نداشتیم.