توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : فیرمور Diamond_Final_Superb گوشی موتو E8 ::آپلود شده در سایت

03-11-2009, 02:26
به نام خدا



بازم یه فیرمور استثنائی برای E8 الماس مشکی

این فیرمور ورژن نهایی فیرمور Nik_Black_Diamond_ver2 or final است که طبق گفته های سازنده این فیرمور خالی از هر گونه باگ و اشکال نرم افزاری است و در نوع خود بی نظیر است.
ویژگی های این فیرمور طبق گفته های سازنده ی فیرمور:

Hi guys here's my new fw for the Rokr E8 !! Its based on Dragon_Hunter_13ER by xianyuhui .. Thanks to xianyuhui , Sandip_2u( For helping in some issues of the fw ) , ilove3d for Mpkgbox series , tulanix for providing excellent applications ,Xmifeng for 532 Mhz Script , all authors of mgx apps incuded in this flash And special thanks to Itfunz.com

A complete bug free flash

Cg31 is not present in this fw so its not a locked flash and no one will get any bootloader error You can flash this over Dragon_Hunter_13ER personally tested by me

Imp : Flash after Flashing NO Rsa BL

After flashing its recommended to perform a master reset atleast !! if u want to check what the actual speed of the fw is then perform delete all data so after nothing will be there in the phone it speeds up till eternity !! Master reset and Master clear work very gr8 no bug with it

Features :

1.Cpu Speed 339 Mhz by default .. But i am providing the script made by my friend Xmifeng at moto.it168.com by which you can run Cpu Speed at 532Mhz by default
2.Sidebar hacked works for all networks .. Some network id's which were requested are added by default !! The network id's added by default are : [204-20],[226-03],[208-01],[226-10],[228-03],[260-03],[302-72],[310-26],[231-01],[234-33],[295-02],[340-01],[370-01],[404-22],[460-00],[460-01],[460-02],[603-02],[612-03],[624-02],[646-02],[647-00],[652-02],[334-020],[310-410],[310-260],[748-01],[404-60],[234-10],[724-02],[452-01],[452-07],[404-80],[724-05],[724-31],[724-02],[724-10],[404-84],[724-05],[452-02],[452-03],[452-04],[452-05],[452-06],[405-13],[510-01],[722-34],[722-07],[722-310]


3.Samba present by default
4.Azaan is also present !! It is turned on by default so when the phone loads up for the first time it wil show azaan first and then sidebar just turn azaan off in phone settings \ homescreen \ custom homescreen
5.Modified Onyx theme mixture of onyx,orange and cmcc theme by xianyuhui named as Cmcc in the fw
6.Video high bitrate patch added by default
7.Some wallpapers,video and ringtones included !! In ringtones check Mum calling and Hanana Check Vibrate Ringtone this ringtone actually vibrates the phone
8.Java full Access enabled
10.Animated picture included while opening browser !!

11.Turn Off Bluetooth present in Shortcuts ..it is shown when bluetooth is On


12.New Shortcut Call Plan added . Thanks to devilsking for this mod !! You get the call plan from your network provider ..You can see the shortcut in above screenshot

13.Copy and Paste skins to skins folder .. Even .mgs installation possible
14.Java heap size 4096 by default


15.Message Alert Present By Default


16.Video Slideshow present


16.A new skin RedBlackRokr5 by bev and its HSA by Enigmatic !! Thanks to both of them at motofan.ru !! This skin is included in the preload folder which is on the phone memory !! just enter it preload\skins\RBR copy this RBR folder to skins folder on phone memory

17.Mpkgbox 2.0 Pro Free Version added


18.MagicBox Pro Latest version has been added

build 200909 see specific description MagxCN Home
Optimize the speed of the menu, click Display
optimize the speed of boot time since the launch of
to provide MGX and JAVA programs by name sort function, support Chinese pinyin sorting
expedited procedures to provide custom label
support directly to install MPKGBOX tag MGX
Registration prompted a more intuitive interface to facilitate the importation License, without affecting the non-registered users of psychological feelings


Now non registered users when they press the music key get mediafinder


For non registered users whenever they close Magicbox this message appears

If they press any button then registration window appears otherwise it doesn't

18.Bluetooth PIN is reduced

See when you bond to some device the phone asks you for a pin we till now needed to apply a four digit code then only it worked !! Now you can bond with just one number also !!

19.Some more additions

bash4.0, / bin / bash

busybox1.14.3, / bin / busybox_full

20.Install jar apps to these sub windows


21.Master reset and Clear work now no bugs with it !! Thanks to Sandip_2u

22.Linux A new introduction

Linux is a new icon and software introduced !! It has been set in Office tools by default
If you want you can bring it in the main menu !! More explained below

In this app you have

1. Mpkgbox Switcher

Mpkgbox 1 ( Open Source ) ; Mpkgbox 2.0 ( Registration Reqd . ) ; Mpkgbox 2.0 Pro Free version & New Magicbox registration required


A new trick if you open Mpkgbox 2.0 , register it and then open Magic box . Magic box automatically gets registered !! Or you can Mpkgbox 2.0 Pro free version

2. Icon to Adjust

By default the linux icon is present in the office tools !! This thing gives you an option if you want to switch Linux in the main menu in place of Mpkgbox


3. Right icon

In the main screen for the right softkey a new icon is shown !! Looks brilliant you can set this On and Off from here !! For using a different icon and adding in the theme the icon name has to be ......._simple.png ( 48*20 ) and ......._big.png ( 125 * 24 ) the figures given in brackets are dimensions of the icon


.Networking Wizard

You can set the telnet,ftp and Samba enabled in the fw On and Off from here !!


Linux icon :

For adding the linux icon in different skins the name is certificate_mgr_big.png ( 96*96 ) ,certificate_mgr_std.png ( 49*49 ),certificate_mgr_simple ( 19*19 )

Mgx apps in Linux by Default in the fw are :


ادامش در پست بعدی...

03-11-2009, 02:50
1.Rockbox by tulanix with 21 themes + 97 equalizer presets


2.Mplayer latest version by tulanix ( Without gain )
3.Picture Flow by crazysunh
4.Sms tracker by tulanix
5.Text Editor by Nestor M
6.E8 Terminal by tulanix
7.Pirate by Nikhil007
a compilation of 12 mgx apps ,
that are : Virtual Memory , Find Lost Java , Backup , Add Turn Off BT to Shortcuts , SysInfo 2.0 , Modify Shortcuts , Java Heap Sizer , Hide , Cpu Speed , Stop Keyboard Vibration , Java Rename , Snapper
8.FileManager 2.0
9.ImageMagic Beta
10.Stop Rockbox

Sometimes the rockbox gets minimized but the song keeps playing so to stop rockbox this app can be used !!

It has three options ,


By the first option you just set the time in minutes of what time you want rockbox to go off for eg.1 then the song stops in 1 min !!
By the second option you can set the time as well as shutdown the phone !!\


now you can put Rockbox and many other apps to the sidekey which is defined for camera !! You can even add Music to it !! So if you are using Magicbox Pro you can still load up music by the Sidekey !! The camera can be assigned in sidebar ! More abt that is explained as you read this readme !!

13.Cpu Full Speed

Now no need of adding the 532 Mhz script anywhere by this app just enable it to Full Speed and the phone will be superfast !! Still im providing the script with the download !!

Now that i've explained all this some more things need to be explained :

Sidebar Any Shortcut

Guys the sidebar in the fifth tab from up has something named options.Now you can assign any shortcut you want there ..

See this :


With this package I am even providing MotorolaSetup application for getting your browser profiles .

Here's a step by step procedure :

First install the .jad file provided.Then start the application


When you start it press the left softkey start .Now it will give you these browser profiles


Dont select any of them just click on Cancel .After that it will give you this window


Click on Yes now it will show you this window


After the process gets complete it will show you this window :


Say exit and wait in sometime such a message will come on your homescreen


Just click on install and your browser profiles will get installed ..

Abt Flashing and recommendations :

As Cg31 is not present all users can flash this !!

Imp : Flash after Flashing NO Rsa BL !!

After flashing its recommended to perform a master reset atleast !! if u want to check what the actual speed of the fw is then perform delete all data so after nothing will be there in the phone it speeds up till eternity !!

Autorun Scripts can be added in locations :




Usefull paths:

mgx applications are installed:

mgs skins are installed:

international language files:
note: just write the file as xxx_${LANGUAGE_STRING}.lng
follow the ones which you get from ezx_system.cfg
the lang file is a shell script, you can understand it easily too.

connect via USB tool or modem tools mode, access FTP in Filezilla,
through, username is 'root', password not exist

telnet enabled
connect via USB tool or modem tools mode, access TELNET
through telnet, username is 'root', password not exist

Samba :

1.Connect the phone to your pc in usb & tools mode
2.In the address bar type \\\ and hit enter
3.Bingo!...you have full access to file system ,without using filezilla

As it has been observed that some users were getting multiple messages that problem is solved in this fw !! No multiple message for me as yet !!

Guys wanted to tell you all one more feature that i had added in this fw is bootscreen now for all of those that are using the fw know it but for those who dont know im putting up a screenie :


برای دریافت اطلاعات کامل در مورد نحوه فلش به این تاپیک (http://forum.mobilestan.net/showthread.php?t=75058)بروید

_فیرمور فوق در پست های بعدی به صورت پارت پارت در سایت آپلود شده همه فایل ها را دانلود کرده و بعد با انتخاب همه آنها ، extract کنید تا از حالت فشرده خارج بشود.

تمام فایل های زیر را دانلود کرده و بعد همه را انتخاب کرده و کلیک سمت راست را فشار بدهید و ectract here یا extract to.... را بزنید تا از حالت فشرده خارج شود .

موفق باشید...:8:

03-11-2009, 04:20
فیرمور فوق به صورت 27 پارت در سایت آپلود شد. :001:

03-11-2009, 06:13
9 پارت بعدی

(این 9 پارت را دو بار آپلود کردم فقط به خاطر یه اشتباه مدیریت ضمیمه ها و اینترنت اکسپلرور بسته شد.) 002:

03-11-2009, 06:51
9 پارت پایانی

پیروز و سربلند باشید...


05-11-2009, 16:15
آقا مهدی دستت درد نکنه
ههمون رو شرمنده کردی .
تکِ دلی !

این مونسترپک آخرین ورژن از سری مجموعه های Nik_Black_Diamond هست .

13-11-2009, 14:09
کارتون عالیه ممنون
با این دیگه نیاز به theme manager نیست درسته؟ (copy&paste)

13-11-2009, 14:20
کارتون عالیه ممنون
با این دیگه نیاز به theme manager نیست درسته؟ (copy&paste)


خواهش می کنم.

بله دیگه احتیاج به theme manager نیست و با copy &paste اسکین مورد نظر تو فولدر skins به راحتی می تونید اسکین مورد نظر را نصب کنید.

موفق باشید...

13-11-2009, 15:48
من dl کردم بازم ممنون
میشه بگین این moto setup به چه دردی میخوره؟
اصلا نیاز به نصب هست؟

13-11-2009, 16:06
من dl کردم بازم ممنون
میشه بگین این moto setup به چه دردی میخوره؟
اصلا نیاز به نصب هست؟


این طوری که از توضیحات پیداست این برنامه مال اینه که پروفایل شبکه را از اینترنت دریافت کنه و فکر کنم برای وصل شدن به اینترنت بهش احتیاج داری.

موفق باشید...

19-12-2009, 13:57
سلام با این فریمور دیگه دکمه ی موزیک گوشیم کار نمیکنه.
مموری هم فرمت کردم کار ساز نبود.
چه کار کنم؟

20-12-2009, 08:16
الان با فشار دادن دکمه موزیک پیغام زیر ظاهر میشه:
press any key to input code
اگه دکمه ای رو فشار پنجره ای با نام رجیستر میاد. توش نوشته:
please inter code:
اگه دکمه ای نزنم یا رجیسترو لغو کنم میره تو media finder
چه کنم: