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10-11-2009, 16:13
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iSilo v.5.09

مربوط به: Office/Productivity | اداری
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براي ويندوز موبايل 2003 ، 5 ، 6 ، 6.1 ، 6.5
مخصوص همه ی رزلوشن ها


برنامه ای برای نشان دادن فایل های HTML که به صورت document هست.

در این ورژن این امکان اضافه شده که میشه سرعت scroll اتوماتیک رو عوض کرد.

iSilo(TM) displays formatted hyperlinked documents. Compression is 20% better than the Palm Doc format. Text formatting includes mixed size text, colored text, underlininig, italics, bold, subscript and superscript, fixed-width font, and more. Images can be compressed greyscale (1-bit/2-bit/4-bit) and color (8-bit/16-bit), large and scrollable, and intermixed with text. Tables can have many rows and columns, can be nested within one another, support mixed borders, and more. Display and scrolling options are highly configurable. Additional features include bookmarks, beaming, copy and paste, search, among others. With iSiloX, you can create your own iSilo(TM) documents from content on your local hard drive or from content on the Web


http://www.isilo.com/info/screens/SP/TextFormatting.gif http://www.isilo.com/info/screens/SP/TextColor.gif http://www.isilo.com/info/screens/SP/ImagesBitDepths.gif http://www.isilo.com/info/screens/SP/ImagesInline.gif http://www.isilo.com/info/screens/SP/TablesBasic.gif http://www.isilo.com/info/screens/SP/TablesLongAndWide.gif http://www.isilo.com/info/screens/SP/TablesColumnRowSpanning.gif http://www.isilo.com/info/screens/SP/TablesEmbedded.gif http://www.isilo.com/info/screens/SP/MenusBasic.gif

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