Free Flight By Amirnikoonam
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    Sep 2005

    سيميلاتور پرواز با هواپيما

    Free Flight

    سیمیلاتور پرواز با هواپیما!!! گرافیک بسیار عالی و یک برنامه فوق العاده جالب همراه با آموزش ابتدایی نحوه پرواز و کنترل هواپیما!

    FREEFLIGHT brings the fun and the emotion of flight simulation to a J2ME mobile phone, capable of 3D rendering (JSR-184).
    There is no peculiar target in FREEFLIGHT. Just the fun of flying in what is likely to be the most realistic sky ever brought onto the screen of your mobile.
    If you’re not familiar with aeronautics, four simple lessons will lead you from basic control of the aircraft up to acrobatics maneuvres.
    So, take the lessons or just go flying....It’s your choice!

    Freeflight gives you four very different aircrafts to play with. Each one has different performance and handling, and each one has animated control surfaces.
    If you’re not familiar with flying and need some training, or you just want to make a calm and pleasant flight, the CESSNA C172 is the plane for you as it is one of the most popular trainers in the world.
    Then, you may want to try the agility of an unlimited-class aerobatic plane. If so, take a ride on the PITTS S2 SPECIAL.
    Or may be you need to feel the power of a thoroughbred like the P-51 MUSTANG, which during the World War II was
    the king of the skies, and now its is the king of the Reno Air Races.
    Last, take the ride of the life on an F-16 FALCON, the world famous military jet fighter, depicted in the Thunderbirds team colors.

    As one of the most beautiful aspects of flying is the beauty of the landscape, FREEFLIGHT provides the most realistic landscape allowed by current mobile phone technology.
    A complete airport with 2 runways and surrounding countryside, depicted with detailed photographic textures and real-time haze provide a detail that is simply stunning for a mobile phone.

    One of the most challenging aspects of freeflight was to semplify the dynamics and control systems to fit a mobile phone, yet keep them enough complete and realistic to achieve the look and feel of a flight simulation.
    As result, flaps, rudder and gear controls are not included, but nevertheless the flight dynamics allow all the basic flying maneuvers plus the basic aerobatics figures such as barrell roll and loop.

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