MBrain Software Pdf Plus v1.65 Beta S80

Pdf+ is a viewer for Portable Document Format (or PDF) files.
With Pdf+ you can

view the text, line drawings and bit maps in the document.
browse the document, and go to a specific page.
zoom in and out to maximize the amount of text and graphics you can read on the screen.
hide the tilte, the status panel and the command buttons to maximize the screen area.
scroll up and down the columns in the text.
search for strings in the text of the document.
print the text, line drawings and bit maps in the document.
copy selected parts of the text to other applications.
view and follow bookmarks.
follow links to other pages in the document.
follow URL's if you have the web browser installed.
read files protected with an user password.
Pdf+ can display a large number of PDF 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 files. Pdf+ silently ignores some unimplemented features and non-conforming PDF files, it will complain about other unimplemented features and non-conforming PDF files.
Pdf+ is designed especially for Communicators and PDA's. As Communicators are still less powerful than desktop computers, not all PDF functions are available:

Pdf+ doesn't handle the dynamic content of a PDF file.
Pdf+ cannot render Type 0 and Type 3 fonts
Pdf+ can only display the complete Symbol and ZapfDingbats fonts if you have the appropriate font files installed on your Communicator. The default font files don't have 'm all.
Printing with Pdf+ works fine in general, but there are a few things to watch out for:
Pdf+ cannot print the embedded font files, it uses the builtin fonts instead.
Pdf+ cannot print rotated characters.