RS-MMC 64mb memory card;
Wired headset;
The model PG-8000 was presented by Pantech during “SvyazExpoComm 2005”, in August there was official announcement, the model was scheduled to hit the shelves in September. As time went on, PG-8000 was nowhere to be seen, and a lot of people started forgetting what this model was all about, phone’s specifications were no longer astonishing, as they were before. Finally, in 2006 Pantech announced that the model will be released in February or March. What was the cause of delay? Everything is pretty simple. The phone has QVGA display, meanwhile the platform comes from previous PG series handsets (PG3500, PG3600, PG6100). The processor is not dealing well enough with information processing. The first samples had very slow menu, it was almost impossible to use the phone at all. The company decided that installing new processor for this model is not such a good idea, so they decided to optimize the software part of the phone before releasing it. This was the actual reason for these delays


Wired stereo headset;
Software CD;
User Manual.