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29-05-2010, 04:21
Exclusive Linuxmod Fusion 2

You wanted the highest level?? here it is !!!!!!!

What are the new features of this new Mplayer?

- Allows you to play music and videos with the volume increased a lot.
- Open, change, modify, running in the background, execute any music
- This program has all the features of the original program and new features such as the volume changed

Not much touch on the topic of partnerships. I leave it aside.

What are your requirements?

1) Fusion 2 Linuxmod

2) Install it on the SD.


Player Option CodecS 1.High
Lets you choose different levels of sound that makes the MPlayer to open with a louder sound

Option original 2.Mplayer Player.
MPlayer is running the program in its original form.

Music folder option 3.Aleatorio
When you run the program for the first time it automatically creates a folder called "MUSIC" on the memory card.
Put any music with any name in this folder (MUSIC) and runs OPTION 3
All songs at random runs and without pause.


When using the Option "folder 3.Aleatorio music" must stop playing the song.
Before a Player options CodecS 1.High Option and Option - original 2.Mplayer Player.

Need not stop the music when you change the sound level in the music folder option 3.Aleatorio


Delete if the folder already exists. Programs in
memory card before you install this program.

The first time you launch the program.
It will take some time to show patience.

http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/8518/downloadiconn.png (http://www.4shared.com/file/100459242/640146f9/Mplayer_Higher_Volume.html)