توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : 320×240 ايجاد ارتباطات خصوصي با نرم افزار NokiaBetaLabs Nokia Mobile Communities

09-08-2010, 18:55
NokiaBetaLabs Nokia Mobile Communities v1.40


اين نرم افزار از طريق ايجاد انجمنهاي خصوصي و عمومي يك روش منحصر به فرد براي ارتباط شما با مردم ايجاد ميكند. انجمنهاي خصوصي كه به آنها "ارتباطات (Conversations)" گفته ميشود، به شما كمك ميكند تا با دوستان، اقوام و شركاري خود مرتبط شويد. انجمنهاي عمومي كه به آنها "اجتماعات (Streams)" گفته ميشود، به شما اجازه ميدهد كه افراد و گفتگوهايي را كه براي شما اهميت دارند را دنبال كنيد.

توضيحات بيشتر:

With Conversations you can communicate simultaneously with up to ten people by sending a single message, similar to instant messaging. This feature is ideal for short conversations with friends, family, and co-workers (like coordinating a weekend plan or checking how their day is going).

With Streams, you can broadcast messages to your subscribed followers and, likewise, view messages from all people you subscribe to. This feature is intended to create channels for community building and following a topic (e.g. career tips, hyper-local news) or a person (e.g. fan group for a Bollywood star).

Some of the other features are:
- Does not require a user account; the service uses your mobile number to identify you
- No fee for usage, costs only standard SMS rate (even when sending to multiple people)
- UX designed to simplify the messaging experience
- Plain SMS interface for users that dont have the client or use a non-Nokia phone
Integrated with your phones address book
- Allows users to share their current location (only in certain locations in beta)

- This feature is most useful for short lived chat with friends, family and co-workers. Similar to IM conversations that involve more than 2 parties,
- Conversations enable subscribers to communicate simultaneously with multiple users by sending a single message.
- Just like P2P SMS, this is a cross-carrier offering i.e. participants can be across carriers.
Associated features are:
- Select up to ten people (including yourself) to initiate a conversation
- Select contacts from address book
- View the various different conversations you are engaged in, in a carousel view
- View messages inside a specific conversation in a threaded view
- As conversation owner, add/remove friends to/from a conversation
- Forward messages to other conversations
- Mute and Leave conversations at any time

This feature is intended to ease sharing of information with the community at large and simplify following a topic. Each user has one threaded message view that chronologically aggregates content from various streams that he/she has subscribed to follow. A user can also create their own stream to publish messages which are sent simultaneously to all their subscribed followers. This is similar to a newsletter where a publisher can simultaneously send an update to all the subscribers.
Associated features are:
- Create a stream, assign a name and tag to it and post your messages to that stream
- Follow a stream (or multiple streams) created by someone else
- Invite friends and acquaintances to follow the stream you created
- Search for streams using tags and follow them; also get recommendations
- View all the streams you are following in a single threaded view
- Forward interesting streams to your contacts to follow

The following differentiate this application from similar offerings:
- This is a purely mobile experience and has no dependency on the web; all actions such as creation, sending and reception are done using the mobile phone
- Even if users dont use a Nokia phone or do not have the Java client they still can benefit from the service using the simple SMS interface native to their phone
- Optimized for S40 devices thus providing even non smart-phone users with an enriched user experience
SMS is the primary bearer of communication instead of GPRS; this allows a larger user base to benefit from the service.

Compatibility and availability

Mobile Communities has been tested extensively on Nokia 5130, 7210 and 2700 and is available for similar S40 devices with screen resolution 240x320 pixels such as Nokia X3, 7100, 6500, 3120 and 2730 etc. While functionality is supported for all Nokia devices (such as E63, E71 and E72), user experience may be broken due to unsupported resolution; support for additional devices and resolutions is on its way. However, support for touch devices will be available in a later version of the product.

Known Issues
- We are still working on Qwerty keyboard support; we have encountered issues with performance and key-map for some phones. Special characters and numeric mode support for qwerty is particularly limited.
- There are performance issues with the applications text editor, key response is sometimes slow.
- The position of the scroll bar in threaded view (for conversations) is sometimes incorrect, especially when a new message is received while scrolling.
If a user has been removed from a conversation, the moderator cannot add them back to the group; this has to do with the state of the conversation at the participants end.
- While the application is active and multiple alerts are received, earlier alerts are lost and not visible to the user.

Change log-August 6, 2010 update:
- Simplified registration flow
- Share streams as well as specific posts
- View posts for a specific stream
- Receive search results directly on the stream wall
- User settings to control charge notifications, location sharing and message history added
- Some bug fixes