توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : Quran Hakeem

20-09-2010, 18:14

نسخه جدید و بهبود یافته جهت آیفون 4 با حجم 117 مگ


SHL Info systems brings you Quran Hakeem right on your iphone. This application will provide you the experience of reading the Quran as if you were reading it from the Mushaf itself.

A lot of effort has been put into the navigation capabilities in this app and this particular feature makes the app stand out. The user can navigate to a page based on the page number, surah - aayah combination or juz by selecting it from the picker list. He/She can also simply type in the page number to go to. Further more, the user can go back and forward 1, 10 or 25 pages at a time.

- High quality images
- Easy navigation by Juz, Surah, Ayah or Page.
- Type in the page number to go to.
- Go backward or forward 1, 10 or 25 pages.
- Pinch to Zoom
- Double tap to zoom in and out.
- Tap top or bottom of screen to show navigation options.
- Remembers last page on exit.
- Continuous back light.
- Auto-rotate for landscape or portrait mode.
- Multiple bookmarks with bookmark management.
- Undo last action.
- Hovering menu options
- Information such as Rub, Hizb, Sajda etc. displayed on the margin

SHL Info Systems is committed to deliver quality applications.

Suggestions for improvements are welcome.
What's new in Version 2.3.5
- A more beautiful script
- New launch image
- High resolution icon for iPhone 4
- Minor bug fixes.

http://static.apptrackr.org/itunes/2/365094497-1284440092/screenshot1_1284441601_9b6949de975e14a688d7e98e98f b120f.jpg

http://static.apptrackr.org/itunes/2/365094497-1284440092/screenshot2_1284441602_aa4fff9d52f1cab598a62137f3a e5fbe.jpg

http://static.apptrackr.org/itunes/2/365094497-1284440092/screenshot3_1284441602_421d8fb330321bba675a4740a47 89d82.jpg


آپلو شده عکسها در خود سایت
لینک آیتونز

20-09-2010, 19:40
۱- لطفا عکس ها رو در سایت آپلود کنید
۲- توضیح فارسی بذارید
۳- لینک .......... تا حد ممکن نذارید
۴- برگه آیتونز فرامووش نشه

25-09-2010, 17:27
دوست عزيز خيلي خيلي ممنونم
اگر لطف كني و در سايتي مثل 4شر يا رپيد دانلودش كني عااالي ميشه

.: HAMID :.
23-02-2012, 00:47
این لینک سالم و ورژن جدیدش هست اگه میشه یکی مستقیمش کنه:http://bayfiles.com/file/1wC1/EOfIpP/QuranKareem-v2.3.8-Aamirsufyan.ipa

اجرتون با امام حسین.

06-07-2012, 05:26
کلک کنید
شاید (http://h6.baycdn.com/dl/872012c5/4ff659c2/50/bc9eaa/2/363693/EOfIpP/57defbae655312d56f2d54f7ab4b0890b4265200/QuranKareem-v2.3.8-Aamirsufyan.ipa)