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AmIr NiKoOnAm
08-12-2005, 14:38
Recorder v 0.4 for Series 90 Nokia phones

This is a short description of the Recorder for Series 80 software.

This software is free. This means also you can distribute it freely but you cannot modify it. If you feel like it, you could donate a small amount to me, so I could continue development of this project further. I have a long To-DO list of various features which must be done very soon . If you want to donate, send me an e-mail to: info@linux-in-house.org. Thanks.

The current version is 0.4. It’s based on an example at Nokia forums for developers. It’s recording/playing in AMR format which I founded suitable. The size of the file generated for one minute is approx 40 KB. I tested it up to 500 files and the recorder works just fine.


- this software can record every call you make or receive. You can also record manually when and if needed and not only calls but any conversation, note etc. It will start recording when the receiver of the call picks up the handset. It will stop recording when you or the other party hangs up. When you record manually, you start recording by pressing the button “Rec” and stop recording by pressing the “Stop” button. After the recording has stopped you can replay the last record. You could play older records by using the built-in player of your phone. The name of the file where the Recorder will save is made up like recordxxx.amr - where xxx is sequental number of the call/recording. The next number for the name is generated automatically when you start recording. From the menu you can choose various functions to be executed. You can also enable/disable automatic recording mode. If you disable it you will not be able to record automatically when you pick up the phone. You can still start/stop recording manually.

- on my Nokia 9300 (where I test it continuously) if the cover is closed sometimes when I pick up a conversation, there’s some strong beep every few seconds. The solution is to stop the call and start it again. I am looking into it now.
- In these both cases one of the workarounds is to disable temporarily the automatic recording mode and re-enable it later.
- The progress bar during recording does not work. This has to do with low level issues of Symbian OS and AMR codec. It works in the same way in the built-in recorder of Nokia, so I assume it as normal.

Please, send me your comments, requests and opinions by e-mail to: