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15-11-2009, 12:16
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اینم نرم افزار نام آشنای بچه های سونی دار با امکانات جالب...

MusicMate 5


Music Mate 5 - a logical continuation of the program Music Mate, but the changes that have occurred in it compared to its predecessor,
allows us to add the application separately (and also in order to avoid confusion - because the version numbers going back to 1.0.0).
Now this is not just a metronome and a simple synth sounds of different instruments (though this collection has remained greatly expanded and improved).
The program features the ability to customize guitars: the indicator shows how fine-tuned each string. There is a counter rhythm: the program through the microphone detects the rhythm of the playing of music.
(Of course, these functions operate only on "advanced" models, able to transmit sound from a microphone in Java.)
Moreover, the program can download the new types of guitars, there are many types of shock, different versions of a metronome, and much more.
There is a management shock accelerometer.
Music Mate 5 - very useful assistant to the musician!

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