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PhonyCall is fully customizable fake call phone freeware. Right now it only has the calling screen but will soon contain an in call screen with a timer.

Updated version .9

Change Log:
In call screen added with timer
A text alignment problem was fixed
added a simple Config Program.


- The delay time can be adjusted (in terms of miliseconds) by editing the delay.ini file in the application directory.
- The Name and number can be adjusted by editing the data.ini file.
- The background image (the phone canvas) can be changed by replacing the "screen" image file (png, jpg, and jpeg are currently supported) in the application directory.
- The ringtone a can be changed by dropping a different sound file named "ringtone" in the application directory. (currently wav and mp3 are supported).

There is also the option to use a screen shot only by removing the data.ini.

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