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18-07-2011, 21:27
BCFGuide 1.0


BCFGuide 1.0 (program)
(C) Deitro
The program is designed for editing bcfg-config on your computer.
Note: requires installed. NET Framework 2.0

In version 1.0, the most important changes compared to the beta-version:
- Display in the form of collapsing the list (expand-collapse is possible by pressing the plus-minus on the left)
- Ability to edit not only values ​​but also their own label (it may be necessary for those who want to transfer configuration to another language). To do this, double click on the label.
- Select a font depending on the phone, and the choice of keys depending on your platform (note: automatically creates a ini-file that stores the settings.)

این نرم افزار ،همونطور که از اسمش مشخصه برای تنظیم فایل BCFG مورد استفاده در بعضی از الف ها مورد استفاده قرارمیگیره.
توجه: برای اجرای این نرم افزار بر رو سیستم کامپیوتر نیاز به نصب نرم افزار کمکی . NET Framework 2.0 دارید.

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