توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : Exposure Pro v1 تنظیم دوربین DSLR برای حالت ایده آل

02-09-2011, 06:49
این برنامه برای کسایی که دوربین DSLR دارند و می خواهند در بهترین حالت عکاسی کنند ابتدا با گوشی و به کمک این برنامه عکاسی میکنند و با مربع خاکسری که این برنامه به شما میده می تونید دوربین خود را در حالت ایده آل قرار دهید

Exposure Pro v1


Exposure Pro when used with your DSLR camera will give you a perfect exposure!
In a constant pursuit for a perfect exposure...
Finally, a pro tool to help achieve a well balanced exposure with your DSLR, Exposure Pro!
Cameras today achieve pretty amazing exposures in automatic mode. However, when you use automatic mode, your camera is in charge of all of your settings and your exposure. Experienced photographers paint with light, they capture light with aperture and shutter speed, they are in charge of their own exposure.
Since a DSLR camera measures reflective light, metering for a correct exposure can sometimes be a challenge, even for experienced photographers. For a well balanced exposure, experienced photographers need an 18% gray card. Carrying around a gray card is not always realistic, so experienced photographers try to find that 18% gray in their scene to achieve a correct exposure.
Since we see in color, it can sometimes be a challenge finding that 18% gray in our scene. Exposure Pro takes all of the guess work away!
How does Exposure Pro work?
Here is how easy Exposure Pro is to use!
1. Use Exposure Pro to take a photo with your phone or IPad.
2. Find the correct gray in your scene.
★ Simply move the gray card with your finger throughout your scene to find and identify a correct match.
3. Now use your DSLR camera!
★ Point your DSLR camera to the area that you have identified.
★ Adjust your DSLR camera’s settings for a perfect exposure!
It’s too easy, Exposure Pro has helped take all of the guess work out of selecting what part of my scene that I need to meter and measure the light on for the exposure that I want to achieve.
"Exposure Pro has taken my photography to the next level!" -Val Westover