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11-10-2011, 14:49
Geocache Navigator


Are you a first time geocacher looking to purchase a GPS unit? Or have you ever forgotten your GPS unit but still wanted to go geocaching? Use your mobile phone instead!
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The Trimble ® Geocache Navigator™ is the first fully featured geocaching application for the mobile phone. The software combines the GPS that is built into your phone with your phone's wirelessdata network to allow you to:
*. Search for caches near your current location with a single click.
*. Search for caches anywhere by entering an address, intersection, coordinates or a cache code.
*. Navigate to the geocache by following the direction in which the arrow on the built-in compass points.
*. View your location, and the location of the geocache, on anaerial, topographic or street map that you can pan and zoom.
*. Mark a cache as "found" on Geocaching.comso you can return home and share your experience with other geocachers.

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