توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : 640x200 برنامه ضبط خبرنگاری و بدون محدودیت....Psiloc Extended Recorder

26-03-2008, 01:39

Extended Recorder can be used in two modes (depending on your settings): you can make your recordings by either pressing and holding any key (recording stops when the key is released) or by pressing a key to start recording and then pressing it once again to finish it.


Furthermore, Extended Recorder also provides quick access to Digital Recorder on PDA side: now you can start recording with a (customizable) hotkey from any application and menu. Separate hotkey can be set for launching default Voice Recorder application.


Extended Recorder can be customized to suit everyone's preferences: how long a key is to be pressed to start recording, recording to single (appending) or multiple WAV files, default folder to store recordings, recording time limit, confirmation beeps on/off, sound quality (normal/compressed) and playback volume.



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24-04-2008, 00:26
با این برنامه بدون محدودیت صدا ضبط کنید...

PSI NT have made another must-have application: Extended Recorder (old name: External Dictaphone) is a tool which implements a very important and useful function missing in Nokia 9210 (although it was present in 9110!): access to Digital Recorder from phone side and the ability of creating voice notes and recording phone conversations without opening Communicator cover and browsing through several menus and screens on PDA side.