توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : Multi Screen نرم افزار جی پی اس | amAze map

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:welcomeswing:نرم افزار map amAze مسیریاب مجانی و gps و weather و خیلی از امکانات دیگر...
امیدوارم که جدید باشه من که داخل سایت سرچ کردم نبود!
با نهایت احترام تقدیم به شما.
Navigate for FREE
amAze is the only GPS navigation software that is really FREE. No future payments, no tricks. Supports both external Bluetooth GPS or internal GPS.
Choose "Navigate" button and execute live navigation until reaching desired destination.
View detailed maps
Wide coverage of detailed maps in Europe, North America, Australia, parts of Africa and Asia. You'll be amazed by the high quality and colorful maps. Map Coverage.
View specific and personalized point of interest
View the highways and intersections relating your route
View the highways and intersections relating your route.
View the most update streets, roads and institutes.
Modify the zooming level according to your preferences.
View both urban and rural navigating data.
Rotated map during navigation
Even on your regular Java phone amAze can rotate the map in your driving direction. This cool feature is yet another reason to drop the traditional expensive navigation systems in favor of the FREE amAze.
To use the rotate map option you will need to configure it under the "Map settings" screen.
You will need to choose the configuration according to the performance of your mobile device.
The displayed map is pointing to your driving direction (head-up).
To activate the rotating map functionality, choose under "Tools" the "Map settings" option.
In "Map settings" screen you can activate the map rotating option. You can choose the best mode that suites your mobile phone's performance.
Enabling improved graphical preformance please select the handset memory level and press Apply".
Satellite images, seeing is believing
Amaze yourself with navigation over high resolution satellite images. See all the fine details that no other navigation system can show you on a mobile phone. Map Coverage.
Detailed satellite images - Eiffel tower in Paris.
Detailed satellite images-Statue of Liberty in New York.
Navigate over high resolution satellite images.
3D navigation experience combined with updated high resolution satellite images.
Hybrid maps
What can be better than a detailed street map superimposed over a detailed satellite image? Get the best of all worlds on one map on your own mobile phone
Hybrid maps enable with major cities around the globe.
Detailed street maps superimposed over satellite images.
Worldwide weather By meteomedia
Whenever you look on a map, we bring the weather forecast of that region to you with a nice and easy graphical indication. You can easily drill down to see also the next 5 days forecast.
To search for weather forecast, choose under "Search" the "Weather forecast" option.
On the "Weather forecast" screen you can search for the next day's forecast.
On the "Weather forecast" result screen you will get nice and easy graphical indication of the next day's forecast.
On the upper right corner there is changing display of the current weather conditions, temperature, wind speed and wind direction.
To update the weather forecast according to the current map center, choose "Weather update" from the side menu
Keywords search
Search for all basic points of interest by their name or category and view them on a map or satellite image.
Either within any specified city or around any known location "amAze" will accurately navigate for you.
You may ask for either specific city or around any location you submit.
You can search keyword within specific City or around specific location.
In "Search Results" screen you will get list of items according to your searches.
Each thumbtack on the map represents your private point of interest, Different colors reflects different geographic data layer
Local search directories
Search in detailed local search directories. Navigate to your search result with one click of a button.
To search in Local search directories , choose under "Search" the "Local search" option. Then select the relevant Local search directory provider.
You can search for a point of interest or a business.
Results screen present the list of addresses matches your searching attributes.
On each Item that was returned, you can do many things such as navigate, get map, get more info, call the business and more.
Each thumbtack on the map represents your private point of interest, Different colors reflects different geographic data layer.
You can get more details and scrol between the search results also over the map by clicking the number of the item on your keypad.
Vocal guiding
Your phone can talk to you. Let clear voice instructions guide you safely to your destination.
Regional settings
Setup amAze to support the language and other regional settings you are comfortable with.
To change settings according to your preferences, select under "Tools" the "Regional settings" option.
In "Regional settings" screen you can change the language of the user interface, the language of the voice instructions and the measurement method.
Save data costs with arrows mode
Get guidance with clear visual arrows that will show you the exact turn you need to make with accurate indication of the next intersection. This feature is very economical on data consumption and a great solution for those who don't have a flat data package or when roaming outside of home network.
Any traffic sing in taken into account while "amAze" calculates the most efficient path for you.
Get textual and visual routing instructions
Even if you do not own a GPS, you can still use amAze as your mapping and routing tool. Just define point A and B and get the best route between them with clear textual and graphical instructions.
In "Calculate Route" screen you can define starting point and the destination.
Getting full details on the route you have searched for.
View the calculated route on the map.
Save and manage your favorite lists
You can save any point on the map or any search address under you favorites list for future fast access.
You can save addresses, points of interest and any business that you searched for to your favorite list for a faster future access.
After adding the Item to the favorites list you will not need to search for it again.
In favorites screen you can view all the items that you have previously saved.
You can also manage and use each favorite that you have saved.
Cool simulation mode
Even if you do not yet own a GPS, or if you just want to plan your route ahead of time, amAze allows you to run a simulation mode. Just define your start point and destination and select the demo mode. amAze will run a simulation showing your progress on the map or arrows and you can even setup the simulation driving speed.
You can plan a route by defining starting point and destination and then simulate the navigation by arrows or on a map. Phone keys #1 and #3 will slow down or speed up the simulation driving speed
The GPS icon indicates that you are in demo mode.

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با عرض سلام به دوستان عزیز:

با استفاده از این نرم افزار جالب به نام amAze gps به راحتی گوشی هایی که از gps داخلی پشتیبانی نمیشند یعنی gpsداخلی ندارند با استفاده ازgprs به gps وصل میشن و موقعیت و سرعت واختلاف ارتفاع رو به راحتی نشون میده و هم از گوشی های gps دار پشتیبانی میکنه. از نکات مثبت این برنامه اینکه هیچ گونه هزینه و محدودیتی نداره و هزینه استفاده از gprs اون بسیار پایینه و دیگری که فقط نیازه gprs داشته باشید تا در زیر سقف هم موقعیت شما و تمام امکانات گوشی gps دار رو نشون بده.
گوشی هایی که از طریق این برنامه پشتیبانی میشن عبارتند از:

nokia5700،nokian73،nokia n80،nokian93i،nokia n95