توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : رام نکسس اس : Brickmaker MIUI -2.2.24 Multi-Language

07-02-2012, 21:25
Brickmaker MIUI



This is my personal version of MIUI 4 for Nexus S with some tweaks and fixes. The name of this ROM is inspired by the so-called "Brick ROM" (I think it sounds funny and playful) in case you wonder. However, I am pretty sure this ROM will not brick your Nexus S

» (new) GPU rendering enabled
» (new) improved USB transfer speed
» (new) scrolling cache disabled
» deodexed + zipaligned
» init.d script support
» USB debugging enabled
» hidden USB debugging icon
» data roaming disabled
» screen off flicker fixed (not the one caused by Voodoo Color)
» volume rocker wake screen (saves your power button)
» 3-way reboot options (Normal, Bootloader, Recovery)
» 30-step music volume control
» ........ sync
» Google calendar and gallery sync
» Google as default search engine in browser instead of Baidu
» Bluetooth adapter quick switch disabled (allows deep idle to work properly)
» EGL software rendering removed
» added sqlite3 binary to support some kernel's init.d scripts
» additional (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1454388) icons for some commonly used applications

I always get a reboot when mounting USB storage?
There's a bug in MIUI 4 with app2SD. If there is an application installed on SD card and you try to mount the USB storage, MIUI will crash. An example of such application is XDA app. Currently a workaround is to move the application to phone's internal storage by going to Settings > Apps > USB Storage, select the application and click "Move to phone" button. (Note that you may get a hot reboot) After that, do a normal reboot before trying to mount USB storage.

- Updated to MIUI 2.2.24 (https://www..........com/miuiromchina/posts/303651013027814)
- Back to basic -- no more experimental tweaks
- All features in the OP
- Changed releasing strategy (see this post (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1483033&page=25#post22975164))

- updated to MIUI 2.2.17 (https://www..........com/miuiromchina/posts/298980643494851)
- fixed 3-way reboot menu glitch (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=22621026&postcount=180)
- updated Google Maps (from Pete's ROM)
- (experimental) replaced original Browser with Android 4.0.4 Browser
- updated Deutsch and French translation to 2.2.17
- new default home screen layout
- new default wallpaper from Mac OS X Mountain Lion :P
- (experimental) some tweaks in init.d script
- disabled USB debugging by default


- added Deutsch and Russian translation (2.2.10)
- updated Italian translation to 2.2.10
- updated apns-conf.xml
- fixed 4-way lockscreen camera shortcut
- removed 4-way lockscreen from default theme (it can be downloaded as a separate mtz file -- see 2nd post)
- Monitor app translated (credit goes to MIUI Germany)

- updated to MIUI 4 version 2.2.10
- removed volume button wake mod (this feature is now built-in, to enable it go to Settings > Button)
- disabled scrolling cache (for smoother scrolling in apps)
- some build.prop performance tweaks
- added init.d startup script -- 99brickmaker
- improved USB transfer speed, which apparently
- fixed rebooting when trying to mount USB storage (hopefully, please test)
- fixed dictionary auto-correction
- new lockscreen (thanks to Fun With Drugs)
- added Dutch translation (2.2.10)
- updated French and Korean translation to 2.2.10

- Added French, Italian, and Korean translations
- some build.prop tweaks

- First release (MIUI 4 version 2.2.3)

Brickmaker MIUI 2.2.24 (http://www.mediafire.com/?fsb8t9i9jxrldlp)

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منبع:xda (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1483033)

17-02-2012, 17:41
من نصب کردم نسبت به miui english version تفاوتی پیدا نکردم ...
فرقش چیه با اون؟

17-02-2012, 17:50
من نصب کردم نسبت به miui english version تفاوتی پیدا نکردم ...
فرقش چیه با اون؟

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