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27-06-2012, 12:14
Flight Unlimited

By TAS Games




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*Due to the high quality graphics an iPhone4, iPad, or iPad2+ is required*

Experience the ultimate Flight Simulator. Flight Unlimited is a graphically intensive flight simulator that offers some of the best visuals in the app store.

Critics argue that Flight Unlimited has some of the most impressive graphics ever seen on the iPhone/iPod/Ipad.
It's the only flight simulator (on any platform) to offer a fully rendered, detailed city to explore.

Fly through out the city and explore over 100 buildings and streets.

Can you land on a one way road?

Never before has a flight simulator offered this level of environmental detail.

Flight Unlimited pushes the device to its max to offer the ultimate in performance and visual effects.

- Pilot the beautiful Cesna 172 and Challenger 300 aircraft, complete with spectacular glass and metallic reflections.
- Discover an expansive city with detail never before seen in a Flight Simulator on any platform
- Explore an expansive lake and buzz the various boats in the water
- Fly from any camera angle you desire

*Flight Unlimited is best experienced with your device set to max brightness*
Note: The update is on its way. It will be massive. If you've already downloaded the app the update is free.

- Complete overhaul of the flight physics engine
- A new plane (private jet)
- And more!

What's New in Version 1.3

What's new in this version?

- The new plane is here!
Enjoy the Challenger 300. This fast,
luxury Jet liner has a cruising speed
of over 500 mph. Complete with full
functioning flaps and landing gear.

- Major improvements have been made to
the flight model. You now have
precise control over aircraft pitch.
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