توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : آیفون Vicky Vasiliou : Xtreme Super Car Racing v1.0

05-07-2012, 09:04
Vicky Vasiliou : Xtreme Super Car Racing v1.0


★☆★ Get ready for the Car Racing experience of your life! ★☆★

Vicky Vasiliou Apps, a leader in Mobile entertainment, is bringing you an all-new amazing app that you wont be able to put down! This is the incredible experience where only your imagination sets your limits!

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Vicky Vasiliou Apps is celebrated for creating the most immersive experiences, incredible hit games, and wildest entertainment apps around. If you crave action, adventure, and speed… We will deliver!

So what are you waiting for? Download now!

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We have been featured on:


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Critic's Feedback:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★"Such a great game, I love the graphics!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★"This company continues to raise the bar of our expectations… again and again!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★"No doubt, Fantastic game hands-down!"

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|||||||||||\\\\\\\ Key Features ///////||||||||||||

•A Fun-Thrilling Game With LOTS Of Excitement!

•Absolutely no advertisements

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We'd like to thank our Development, Design, and Management team members for their wonderful work on this project.

Thank you for downloading! We appreciate your continued support.

We appreciate you positive feedback and are working hard to develop your ideas into future updates.



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http://forum.mobilestan.net/Download.png (http://dl.mobilestan.net/index.php/files/get/Z5RVZDSO0s/xtreme20super20car20racing20v1.0.ipa)

05-07-2012, 10:26
دوستان گلم دانلود نكنيد كه اصلا ارزش نداره. حجم و بريزيد دور بهتر از اينه. مثل اسكرين شات ها نيست. اين بازي روي دستگاهم. گرافيك ميكرو بيشتر از اين بود

06-07-2012, 11:04
عکس مال بازیه carbonه