توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : Bazaraa CFW v4 for C6 RM-612 بله برای C6-00

17-07-2012, 12:34
به نام خدا

C6 RM-612 Bazaraa CFW v4 the best CFW simulates Belle

فریمور کوک شده برای C6 v42.0.004


.................................................. .................................................. ............................................
توضیحات انگلیسی از کوکر فریمور

Now we will go to the new features in this CFW

01- The languages supported by this CFW:-

01- English (default language)
02- French
03- Arabic

Note: these languages are for the menu and for reading & writing and also languages for the dictionary

02- The applications added in this CFW:-

01- An amazing theme called Nokia Belle (edited by me)
02- An amazing theme called Nokia Water (edited by me)
03- Nokia Maps v 3.06.637
04- Conversations (hidden from menu but I have left a shortcut in the messages list)
05- ROM Patcher Plus v 3.01 (with Anna style from inside)
06- Bluetooth Switch
07- Easy Key Lock
08- Bright Light v 1.0
09- Timer v 1.25
10- Best Screen Snap v 3.01
11- Bounce Touch
12- Global Race
13- Notifications widget
14- Three new shortcut widgets in the home screen (edited by me to support the three languages)
15- JAVA has been updated to v 1.4.48

03- The applications removed from the CFW:-

01- All original themes
02- Boingo
03- JoikuSpot
04- Qik
05- Vlingo
06- Music Store
07- Download!
08- Chat
09- Operator Menu
10- Here & Now (from N97 mini v 30)
11- The free space in the C is more than ## MB after formatting (I want the help from the phone's users)

04- The patches added to the ROM Patcher:-

01- c2z
02- Install Server RP+ (active)
03- Lock Internet (active)
04- No Built-In Errors
05- Open4All RP+ (active)
06- Remove Red LED

05- Networks modifications:-

01- Some useful bookmarks are added
02- The FOTA has been removed to free up about 5 MB
03- The WI-FI has been improved
04- The latest Nokia Internet Browser v has been added
05- The latest Nokia Store app. v 1.24.9 has been added and it will automatically installed when you press on its icon
06- Nokia E-mail app. has been added

06- Media modifications:-

01- The camera sound will be silent whenever you make your phone silent
02- Symbian^3 equalizer has been added
03- The camera zoom has been duplicated
04- Gallery mod has been added to replace Share Online button with delete and slide show (support the three languages)
05- The camera quality has been improved (images & videos)
06- The recorder has been improved
07- The time of the recording has been increased from 1 hour to 12 hours
08- The new version of the Music Player v 15.2 has been added (the problem of opening menu while exiting the music has been fixed)
09- The sound strength & quality have been improved and become stereo
10- The searching in the music player has been quicker (reads only from E:\Sounds)
11- The searching in the studio has been quicker (reads only from Images & Videos)

07- Settings modifications:-

01- A new arrangement for the menu (edited by me)
02- A new arrangement for the widgets in the home screen (edited by me)
03- The effects are off by default
04- The patches automatically moved to E:\Patches
05- The Bluetooth name is Omar Wael by default
06- Nokia Belle theme is the default theme
07- Nokia tune new generation is the default tone
08- The clock is digital by default
09- The light time-out is 30 seconds by default
10- The brightness has been set to 100%
11- The sound degree has been set to 60% in the music player
12- The number of saved sent messages is 999 by default
13- Show call duration has been set to yes by default
14- The sound degree has been set to the highest degree during calling
15- The right soft key has been changed to Menu
16- The Auto rotate is active by default

08- Phone speed modifications:-

01- The background apps. has been closed
02- The camera don't stay more in the background after exiting it
03- All the start up apps. have been closed
04- The cache has been improve to speed up the phone
05- The rotation sensitivity has been improved by a normal mod to feel the balance of the phone
06- The effects have been speeded up
07- Opening & exiting apps. have been speeded up
08- The scrolling has been improved to simulate Nokia Belle (edited by me to become unlimited)
09- The phone all over has been speeded up
10- The phone start up has been speeded up
11- The automatic installation of Nokia Store has been disabled
12- The start up animation & tone have been removed to speed up the starting of the phone
13- The RAM has been about ## MB after starting the phone and about ## MB after the usage (I want the help from the phone's users)

09- Style modifications:-

01- New effects are added and they look like the effects of Nokia Belle
02- I have added all Nokia 701 v 112 ringtones + Nokia tune new generation from the store
03- A new stylish font called Comfortaa has been added (edited by me to support Belle symbols)
04- The new style for Favourite Contact widget has been added .. now it looks like Symbian^3 widget
05- Swipe to unlock has been added (edited by me to support the three languages and to to work in the landscape mode)
06- Symbian Anna icons have been added and it support the three languages without bugs
07- Symbian^3 Landscape mod has been added
08- Center Text mod has been added
09- Extended Menu mod has been added
10- I have exchanged Done button with Change the Method of Typing button in the keypad
11- N8 smiley has been added
12- I have added 6 pages of symbols (edited & chosen by me)
13- I have added full & mini keyboards
14- Belle navigation keys have been added but support English only (edited by me)
15- I have added logos beside Shutdown & Restart button (edited by me & supports the three language)
16- I have changed the start up & shutdown screen by a new screen looks like Belle screen
17- The new dialer has been added

10- System modifications:-

01- The phone has been hacked by the ROM Patcher
02- The battery life time has been increased
03- The touch screen has been improved and becomes more sensitivity
04- The log now saves till 365 days (supports the three languages)
05- The memory card logo will appear if you inserted one
06- Now you can backup your files in the mass memory directly
07- I have removed Music Player shortcut from the music list
08- The rotation during calling has been disabled
09- The vibration during lock or unlock has been disabled
10- Nokia first start up message has been removed
11- I don't make the profile widget removable
12- I have added restart feature instead of lock phone feature
13- Now you can re-light the screen by only one touch
14- Now you can send the applications from the file manager directly
15- The protected files in the file manager have been visible
16- I have shown some hidden apps. and hide the other in the menu (edited by me)
17- I have change some information about the phone (please don't change it)
18- Adobe PDF & Quick Office have been activated
19- I haven't changed the general profile name to feel the original software
20- When you open the keypad and rotate the screen it will automatically change to the full keyboard and vice versa
21- The light strength has been improved
22- Now there are more than 35 brightness degrees instead of 5
23- There will be vibration when starting or ending a call

11- The bugs that have been fixed:-

01- The QT problem has been fixed
02- The Voice Commands app. has been fixed
03- Install & uninstall problems have been fixed
04- The patches activation problem has been fixed and they will automatically become active after restarting the phone (fixed by me)
05- The mess in the video player icons have been fixed
06- The problem of the music player that opens the menu while exiting any music has been fixed

Note: please use the phone in English to get all the features

.................................................. .................................................. ............................................
1- اول کلیه ی فایل های سیستمی را از e و f پاک کنید
2- فلش کنید
3-صبر کنید گوشی بالا بیاید (یه مقدار طول میکشه، اونم به خاطر نصب شدن برنامه ها هست)
.................................................. .................................................. ............................................

Winrar password: omar_bazaraa

MediaFire password: mEnCFW Team

لینک ها

Part 1 با حجم: 81.4MB
http://forum.mobilestan.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=748938&stc=1&d=1340810970 (http://www.mediafire.com/?d8f47i449klq9kb)

Part 2 با حجم: 16.55MB
http://forum.mobilestan.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=748938&stc=1&d=1340810970 (http://www.mediafire.com/?3q98phba2m3s59d)

اسکرین شات با بالاترین کیفیت


سایت منبع (http://forum.dailymobile.net/index.php?topic=76644.0)

20-08-2012, 02:59
با سلام وتشکر.یه توضیح دربارو فایلها و جایگذاریه اونا بفرماید. ایا فقط با جاف بایدفلش زد یا با فونکسم میشه؟

20-08-2012, 19:47
با سلام وتشکر.یه توضیح دربارو فایلها و جایگذاریه اونا بفرماید. ایا فقط با جاف بایدفلش زد یا با فونکسم میشه؟


نقل از عنایت
كار كردن با فونيكس دشوارتر هست از همه مهمتر بايد فايلmcuرا كاليبره كنيد تا بتوانيد فريمور پورت شده را با فونيكس فلش بزنيد
از این پست استفاده کن (جاف راحتتره)
اینم خوبه

26-08-2012, 18:10
1- The languages supported by this CFW:-

01- English (default language)
02- French
03- Arabic

زبان فارسی ساپورت نمیکنه؟!!! زده عربی-فرانسوی-انگلیسی!

حروف (گ-پ-ژ-چ) چی؟میشه راهنمایی کنید؟

27-08-2012, 18:45
خو حد اقل راهنمایی کنید..
اموزش های فارسی اضافه کردن رو خوندو اما تا زبان فارسی رو اضافه میکنم بعد ppm رو ذخیره میکنم بعد فلش گوشی کامل لود میشه یعنی فقط آرم نوکیا و بعدش ریست...:ac:

29-08-2012, 22:20
سلام دوست عزيز
احتمال داره شما وقتي زبان فارسي را اضافه ميكنيد حجم كوك بيشتر از حد شده باشه
شما قبل از اضافه كردن زبان فرانسوي را حذف كنيد كه حجم كوك پايين بيايد

31-10-2012, 18:47
اقا کمک من این سایتو زیرو روو کردم یه فریمور واسهc6.00پیدا نکردم ترو خدا یه فیریمور بسازید کف کردم به خدا:hello::mobilestan::please:

06-02-2013, 15:50
سلام ببخشید برنامه جاف میزارین واسه دانلود و آموزش فلش زدن این فریمور با جاف برای c6-00

06-02-2013, 16:13
سلام ببخشید برنامه جاف میزارین واسه دانلود و آموزش فلش زدن این فریمور با جاف برای c6-00



07-02-2013, 01:59
داداش دانلود نمیشه

07-02-2013, 06:47
داداش دانلود نمیشه

لینک ها مشکلی ندارن بخاطر راه اندازی پرتال سایت ، آدرس هایی که قبلا در فروم با mobilestan.net آدرس داده شدن میرن تو پرتال نه فرم !
پس راهش اینکه لینکی که با mobilestan.net نامگذاری شده رو به forum.mobilestan.net تغییر بدید
مثلا برای لینک اول در تایپیک جاف :
به :
تغییر بدید !

متاسفانه هنوز فرصت نشده لینک ها اصلاح بشه !
موفق باشید

07-02-2013, 08:34
lvsd nاداش ولی این دوتا لینک واسه دانلرود فیرمورک مدیا فایر داداش گلم انگار میگه فایل وجود ندارد

07-02-2013, 09:29
داداش دانلود نمیشه

فایل های ضمیمه شده رو دانلود کنید / بقیه لینک های داخل پست فعلاً خراب هستند../

07-02-2013, 09:41
داداش صفحه اول همین پست ببین فریمور c6-00 آنا دوتا لینک مدیا هست که دانلود نمیشه

07-02-2013, 09:58
داداش صفحه اول همین پست ببین فریمور c6-00 آنا دوتا لینک مدیا هست که دانلود نمیشه

بله / فایل ها بعد از مدتی توسط خود مدیا فایر حدف شده اند ../

07-02-2013, 13:03
حالا باید از کجا فایلهارو دانلود کنم؟؟؟

23-02-2013, 10:30
آقا میشه این فریمور را برای 5233 کوک کنید؟ با تشکر:dn:

23-02-2013, 10:34
آقا میشه این فریمور را برای 5233 کوک کنید؟ با تشکر:dn:

کوکرهای عزیزمون در صورتی که این گوشی رو داشته باشند و مشکلی هم نداشته باشند مطمئنا این کار رو انجام و در سایت قرار خواهند داد.

23-03-2013, 22:34
1- The languages supported by this CFW:-

01- English (default language)
02- French
03- Arabic

زبان فارسی ساپورت نمیکنه؟!!! زده عربی-فرانسوی-انگلیسی!

حروف (گ-پ-ژ-چ) چی؟میشه راهنمایی کنید؟

سلام دوستان
حق با این دوستمون هست فارسیش کجاست ؟
میشه کوکر های عزیز خودشون زحمتش رو بکشن ؟
این قضیه کالیبره کردن چیه ؟
چرا باید فایل cor رو کالیبره کنیم .شرمنده ، چرا خودتون همون اول زحمت این کار رو نمیکشید ؟
با این کار چه اتفاقی میفته ؟
من دوست دارم با فینیکس کار کنم .
ممنون میشم راهنماییم کنید.