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07-08-2012, 16:05
Candy Prototype Icons by Flahorn | SVG


اسکرین شات به صورت کامل و با کیفیتی مطلوب | کلیک کنید .

Back in my first attempts in creating mobile themes i rolled out my first complete iconpack.
I didn't expected on how could it become such popular, how many themes were released with it by others.
This was really bothering me, because of quality of my first steps in vector graphics.
The idea was simple: use some well-known shapes in colors of another one,
basically i used carbide icons and fixed in colors of nokia icons.
But who cares? The icons were successful, which i didn't wanted do.
Time is passed and Coke theme was released with newly designed icons.
So these icons use some basics of previous icons, but with simple shape, most popular nowadays.
Hope someone could make some really great themes with it.
Please don't use it any commercial ways, contact me if you want so.
Credits are always welcome.

Candy Prototype Icons by Flahorn (http://dl.mobilestan.net/index.php/files/get/rl2UeRDIFD/candy-prototype-icons-by-flahorn.zip) | SVG | SIZE : 1.8 MB