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زوم بی نهایت تصویر با OnOne Perfect Resize 7.5.1


1.Perfect Resize 7.5 اندازه ی عکس های شما را افزایش می دهد. سریعتر از هر زمان دیگری شما توسط این نرم افزار قادر خواهید بود تا بدون از دست دادن کوچکترین کیفیتی ،شاهد جزئیات فراوان در عکس خود باشید.شایان ذکر است داشتن این نرم افزار نیازمند یک سیستم سخت افزاری متوسط رو به بالا است. شما به طور معمول ممکن است انتظار داشته باشید عکس های شما با نرم افزار های معمولی افکت کیفیت داشته باشد اما نگران انتخاب خود نباشید. این نرم افزار را ما به شما ارائه ارائه داده ایم و سازندگان این نرمافزار آن را تضمین نموده اند. ثبت اختراع در این نرم افزار سبب شده است که کاربران بتوانند در انتخاب خود دقت ک. پردازش سرعتهای بالاتر،کافی را داشته باشند. . پردازش سرعتهای بالاتر، یعنی داشتن عکسی بزرگتر نیازمند داشتن یک سی پی یو و رم بالا است .وضوح بهینه سازی و جزئیات انواع تصویر های مختلف، ساخته شده در این نرم افزار است.

برخی از ویژگی های این نرم افزار :

بهترین نتیجه برای هر نوع تصویر
زوم ویژه برای عکس های تلفن همراه
قرار دادن انواع گالری عکس
قابلیت های از پیش تنظیم شده برای خروجی مطلوب
کاشی کاری و پردازش دسته ای
جدید در تغییر اندازه کامل یک نسخه
بهبود یافته در موتور های پردازش چند دسته ای و همزمان

Perfect Resize 7.5, formerly Genuine Fractals, increases image size faster than ever before and without the loss of sharpness or detail that you might normally expect. The same patented, fractal-based interpolation algorithms that were in Genuine Fractals are at the heart of Perfect Resize 7.5 with several improvements

Faster processing speeds, new presets that optimize clarity and detail of different image types, built-in output presets, and the redesigned user interface add to the power of Perfect Resize. Now, it's even better for preparing all types of images for print—including photos taken with DSLR cameras and snapshots taken with mobile devices.

Perfect Resize 7.5 can now be used as a standalone application, or directly with Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or Apple Aperture. Perfect Resize is also available as a Standard Edition. See how it compares to determine which is right for you.

The Best Results for Any Image Type
New presets powered by Genuine Fractals technology are now included. Each are designed to optimize the clarity and detail of different image types to give you the best quality enlargements for your every photo, whether taken with a DSLR camera or mobile phone.

How Large Can Perfect Resize Go?
The chart illustrates the relative size increase you can achieve when resizing your digital image files with Perfect Resize. Roll your mouse over the megapixel numbers at the top to see the native print size of your image compared to how large you can increase it with Perfect Resize*. Check the resolution options on the right for your desired output.

Any Size Made Easy
Have you ever tried making an 8x10 print from your digital camera file? You can't get it to fit that 8x10 size—it's either 8x12 or 7x10—because most digital camera sensors are a different aspect ratio from common paper sizes. This forces you to crop your image to get it to fit a specific paper size, and it can be difficult to determine how to do this and whether to do it before or after you resize the image. Perfect Resize comes to the rescue with over sixty built-in document size presets that allow you to precisely crop and resize your image in one simple step.

Enlarge Mobile Phone Snapshots
Have you ever captured a great image on your phone that you wished you could enlarge and print with great quality? With the high quality image enlargement tools in Perfect Resize, including a new resize algorithm for low-resolution JPG files, you can.

With the powerful tools in Perfect Resize 7.5, you can create amazing enlargements of your mobile phone snapshots.

Gallery Wrap
When making enlargements for canvas, it is common to wrap a portion of the image around the wooden stretcher bars, creating a gallery wrap. However, when wrapping an image in this way, important detail can be lost near the edges. The Gallery Wrap feature in Perfect Resize 7.5 automatically creates extended margins by reflecting or stretching the areas near the edge of the image allowing you to create a gallery wrap without sacrificing any of the original image.

Presets for Optimal Output
Automatically crop, resize and adjust sharpening on your image with the new presets in Perfect Resize 7.5. Find presets for specific printer manufacturers and paper types that address subtle but important changes that need to be made in resolution and sharpening for optimal output.

Whether you're printing on canvas with a gallery wrap, preparing images for video, or creating images for the web, you can count on Perfect Resize 7.5 to best prepare your image how you need.

Tiling & Batch Processing
Now you can get large format printing from a small format printer, quickly and easily. The new Tiling feature divides an enlargement into smaller pieces, preparing it for printing on a standard-sized printer. Just specify the paper size and overlap option and Perfect Resize will automatically resize the image and create individual tiles that are ready for printing.

New in Perfect Resize is an improved version of the onOne batch-processing engine. This allows you to resize an entire folder of images to a consistent size and create up to two new versions of an image. You can control the size, resolution, file formats, name and location, color space, and even add a watermark logo.

Combine Images for Endless Creative Options
Before you enlarge or print, add creative flair to your image with tools in the Layers home module. With these tools designed specifically for photographers, you can combine the best parts of multiple photos and quickly retouch your images. Swap faces, create a balanced exposure, blend images for creative effects, create layouts, build composites, and more. Enjoy all of the benefits and creative power of a layered workflow, even without Adobe Photoshop. Your creative options are endless.

Home Page - http://www.ononesoftware.com/

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OnOne Perfect Resize 7.5.1 Premium Edition (x86/x64) | 100.9 MB

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Perfect Resize 7.5.1 Premium Edition ~ Mac (http://ononesoft.cachefly.net/perfectresize/mac/75/Perfect_Resize_7.5.1_PE.dmg)
Perfect Resize 7.5.1 Premium Edition ~ Win (http://ononesoft.cachefly.net/perfectresize/win/75/Perfect_Resize_7.5.1_PE.exe)

Perfect Resize 7.5.1 Standard Edition ~ Mac (http://ononesoft.cachefly.net/perfectresize/mac/75/standard/Perfect_Resize_7.5.1_Standard.dmg)
Perfect Resize 7.5.1 Standard Edition ~ Win (http://ononesoft.cachefly.net/perfectresize/win/75/standard/Perfect_Resize_7.5.1_Standard.exe)

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