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12-04-2013, 11:35
دانلود Engelmann Media Photomizer نرم افزار ویرایش و بهینه سازی عکس


Engelmann Media Photomizer یکی از ابزارهای بهینه سازی تصاویر است که بسیار کاربردی و قدرتمند می باشد.این نرم افزار به جهت دارا بودن ابزارهای کاربردی و ساده که برای بهینه سازی تصاویر استفاده میشوند فرایند ادیت تصاویر را برای کاربران آماتور نیز فراهم کرده است.نرم افزار Media Photomizer با دارا بودن انواع ..... جهت ایجاد تغییرات کوچک و بزرگ در عکس ها به شما کمک خواهد کرد.این محصول در نسخه های جدید خود قابلیت شخصی سازی پروفایل،افزایش کارایی و اینتر فیس کاربر پسندی را به محصول اضافه نموده تا بر محبوبیت آن بیافزاید.

از ویژگی های نرم افزار Engelmann Media Photomizer :

بهینه سازی عکس هایی که در نور کم گرفته شده است
افزایش کیفیت تصاویر
افزودن / کاهش نویز تصاویر
تنظیم رنگ
تنظیم دوباره رنگ پذیری و تعادل بین رنگ ها به صورت اتوماتیک
ویرایش تصاویر بدون تغییر نسخه اصلی تصاویر
ویرایش دستی و بدون کمک از پیش فرض ها

Photomizer Pro is a reliable solution designed for optimizing digital photos. Powerful and easy-to-use! Photomizer 1 sets the bar high - the new Photomizer Pro jumps over it, raises the known efficient functionality of the predecessor thanks to many internal improvements to a new level and completes it with numerous filters and additional minor and major changes.
Further highlights
- In addition to the new filters, the capable profiles, the improved user interface and the very special retro function, Photomizer Pro provides the following improvements:
- New! Denoise: Photomizer Pro can remove noise, for example in snap shots that were taken under unfavorable light conditions.
- New! Artifact filters: This filter eliminates artifacts, which occur during de-blocking and JPEG-compression of images.
- New! Adding of noise/grain: Denoising is not always desired. In contrast, some fans of photography even add noise to their photos. Photomizer Pro can do this for you now, no matter which degree of noise or grain or even fractal noise.
- New! Support of negatives: In addition to the common formats JPG, BMP, TIFF and RAW (*.raw, *.crw, *.orf, *.3fr, *.nef, *.raf, *.mrw, *.nrw, *.dng, *.cr2, *.arw, *.x3f, *.rw2) Photomizer Pro now also supports negatives as input format.
- Batch conversion: Fully automatic batch mode for manipulation of complete photo collections. New: If requested, all original paths are kept during storage.
- Revised auto correction and color adjustment: The improved auto correction optimizes your photos even more thoroughly and the intensity of automatic color adjustment can now be adapted.
- Revised basic functions: The entire known features of the predecessor were revised for Photomizer Pro, among them automatic object recognition (only those image parts are manipulated, which help optimize the overall impression), fully automatic algorithms for readjustment of tonality, white balance, re-sharpening, hue control and saturation, higher definition and bright-dark correction. Likewise improved were the proven touching-up functions (increase in definition and color intensity, compensation of mat colors, removal of fog and other negative weather influences as well as the elimination of undesired color casts).
- Supported output formats: memory-saving JPG for web applications, mobile devices and for playback on screens as well as BMP for permanent archiving in high definition.
- Non destructive image editing: The original photo remains unchanged in all steps
- Manual optimization: Additional options for individual editing of single photos - also in full-screen mode.
EXIF/GEO: Reading and display of EXIF- and GEO-data from digital camera photos.
- Seeing is believing - particularly in photography. Test Photomizer Pro with your own photos and let yourself be surprised.
- As additional functions, Photomizer Pro provides an HDR-simulator and a scaling optimization unit:
- Create amazingly HDR-similar images with the HDR-Simulator - even when using just one image! For creation of a High Dynamic Range image you normally require three images with three different exposures like those created by special cameras. Photomizer Pro only needs one to generate this effect while the other two are automatically calculated internally.
- The scaling optimization unit ensures that your pictures are most efficiently displayed on a defined medium. If for instance you have a digital picture frame, your pictures are automatically adjusted to the display - without disturbing black bars! Also suitable for TV-players with cinema resolution 2560 x 1080 pixels!
- Capturing of images from webcams or other external cameras possible.

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12-04-2013, 11:37
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