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19-05-2013, 15:20
Slice & Splice
By Roman Timurson


بازی پازل جذابی که با بیش از 200 مرحله ساعتها شما را سرگرم خواهد کرد.با بریدن قطعه داده شده به شما به اندازه های مختلف و چیدن آنها در کنار هم و داخل قابی که به شما داده میشود،باید شکل مورد نظر را بسازید.
جزو 200 بازی برتر آموزشی فروش رفته در بیش از 50 کشور
بیش از 300 هزار بار دانلود تا به امروز






● #1 Educational Puzzle Game (October, 2012)
● Top 200 Best Selling Educational Game in over 50 countries
● Over 300,000 downloads to date

Slice & Splice is over 200 levels of addictive gameplay that involves cutting up one shape and assembling the pieces into the silhouette of another shape. Be ready to spend hours working out the challenges of slicing the shape into pieces that can be rearranged to fit into the shape above. Multiple solutions, hints, and several levels of difficulty make this Tangram-like game a fun and challenging pastime for all skill levels.

OFFICIAL TRAILER: https://www.........com/watch?v=td4MgDp65bs

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◆ 240 Hand-crafted puzzles (more on the way)
◆ Intuitive slicing and touch controls
◆ Game Center support (earn higher score for completing puzzles with fewer retries)
◆ Helpful hint system
◆ Multiple solutions for some puzzles (Try and find them all)
◆ Fun statistics and achievements
◆ Listen to your own music or the relaxing theme music
◆ Reset game progress button
◆ iPhone 5 widescreen support
◆ Multilingual (English, Russian, Italian)
◆ Hours of addicting and challenging gameplay
◆ Great for all ages

◆ SLICE & SPLICE LITE version is available with additional unique hand-crafted puzzles! Try it for FREE


"Here is a shape puzzle app for the older kids (an adults). Super challenging, will sure helping stretching our minds!" - Apps4Kids.net

" The many puzzles featured in Slice & Splice will provide you with a brain teasing time of enjoyment " - News Technology

"This game requires both skill and logic, but is also tons of fun!" - theiphonemom.com

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What's New in Version 1.5.1

■ Additional high-res graphics update
■ Minor tweaks to UI

iTunes Link (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/slice-splice/id541330216?mt=8)

لینک دانلود مستقیم با ریزوم (http://uploadkon.ir/?file=Slice_Splice_1.5.1.rar)

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