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Dark Quest

کاربرد برنامه : role playing (http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/xbox-games/role-playing/roleplaying)
قيمت :$1.99 نسخه تریال ندارد
منتشر کننده : Brain Seal Ltd
حجم : 22 MB
تاریخ انتشار: 7/9/2013
ورژن :
برنامه مختص : 7.5 & 8
زبان : English (United States)

توضیحات :
تلاش تیره نقش فانتزی به نوبه خود مبتنی بر بازی ماجراجویی که در آن بازیکنان نقش از یک اجنبی توانا در تلاش حماسی خود را برای از بین بردن نیروهای از جادو شیطانی و نجات زمین از شر است.

http://cdn.marketplaceimages.windowsphone.com/v8/images/b85e4c97-03d1-4c61-a1b2-732ef86359b1?imageType=ws_screenshot_small&rotation=90 http://cdn.marketplaceimages.windowsphone.com/v8/images/3c2cb8a2-8862-4fec-a4bc-67ee976227e4?imageType=ws_screenshot_small&rotation=90 http://cdn.marketplaceimages.windowsphone.com/v8/images/08ede528-f92d-4f1d-b282-b3f85cde5cca?imageType=ws_screenshot_small&rotation=90 http://cdn.marketplaceimages.windowsphone.com/v8/images/4a56ad5e-0a6a-42b8-86c5-68192d3eea36?imageType=ws_screenshot_small&rotation=90

توضیحات تکمیلی ناشر برنامه :

"Dark Quest makes good use of a rather eclectic mix of gameplay ideas"
- 148apps

"We had a blast playing this game who knew wizards could be fun?"
- TouchArcade

"Dark Quest brings the spirit of classic dungeon crawling boardgame"
- HardcoreDroid

"The game offers some solid turn based strategy RPG gameplay"
- Capsule Computers

__________________________________________________ _______________

Dark Quest is a turn based fantasy role playing adventure game where players assume the role of a mighty barbarian on his epic quest to destroy the forces of the evil sorcerer and save the land from evil.

__________________________________________________ _______________


An evil sorcerer has appeared in the lands, he has built a dungeon in the nearby village of faladir, where his minions use it as a base to raid the surrounding villages to bring terror and death to all its citizens. A hero by the name Zantor dares to defy the powers of the sorcerer and seeks to destroy the dungeon and put an end to this.


• Enter a world of fantasy and adventure: Explore twisted mazes, find hidden doors and fight bloodthirsty orcs!

• Roll the skull of fate and reveal your twisted fate: The evil sorcerer will torment your soul for his own amusement, he will summon you in the sphere of judgment where you will be forced to play a twisted game of death, and can you survive his magic?

• Slaughter endless hordes of orcs & undead: Your strength, courage and strategy will be the key into wining every battle.

• Trade with the people in the village: Spend the gold you find in your adventures in the village to buy new potions, weapons and spells for your characters.

• Control a party of up to 3 characters each with their own unique abilities: Use the unique strengths of each character and work together to defeat the minions of the evil sorcerer.

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