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26-08-2013, 21:31
Foxit Mobile PDF



Foxit Mobile PDF releases the capabilities of viewing and annotates PDF documents on the go. Now, with the Foxit Mobile PDF, you can work on your PDF documents anytime, anywhere. Indeed, this is the app for you to start a comfortable reading trip.

This product features viewing features including
§ Fast and clear PDF rendering
§ Flexible page viewing options (single page, continuous, or thumbnail)
§ Page slider, scroll to certain page of a file
§ File navigation by outline/bookmark, or by search result
§ Search text in file and beyond (Google, Wikipedia)
§ Reflow page with or without image (iPhone). It's the best reflow experience you ever seen.

Advanced editing features including
§ Annotate documents using Line/Arrow/Rectangle/Circle
§ Add and edit bookmarks.
§ Open PDF files from iTunes, email, Safari, Open-in, Wi-Fi file transfer from PC.
§ Select text to copy to clipboard and highlight with different annotations. Support dictionary (iOS5).

Highlight features including
§ Annotate PDF documents
Easy to use a full annotation tool set including various different tools to help you to annotate your documents out of your office. Backup by Foxit award winning PDF engine, all the comments and annotations are compatible with any PDF reader.

§ PSI signature integration
Provide Pressure Sensitive Ink technology when you edit your document, that make you sign with your own handwriting easily and more comfortable; Simple tap the screen can add your own signature anywhere in the document.

§ Slide panel views
Convenient to change views among Outline/Bookmark/Annotation/Search panel view, that makes you position and view every of the document become more clear and simple to manage.

§ Encrypt PDF with permission
Encrypt document using user or owner password. Access like "Copy Content" or "Print" can be specified. You can also remove password for any document.

§ Reorder and remove page
In thumbnail view, you can easily reorder any page. It's convenient just drag and drop the page. We also provide remove page function and you can organize your pdf very well.

More handy features:
• Document manager
• Passcode lock
• Multi-level undo &Redo
• Automatically remember last reading position
• Highlight links

※ Q&A:
1. Why I can't see annotation in other apps on iOS?
Annotation/Bookmark are saved in document itself. Any compatible pdf viewer can display them on any platform. Some apps like Mail use iOS internal PDF viewer which doesn't support annotation. However, you can still find them in those apps which support annotation.

2. Can I move annotation?
Yes, of course. Just tap your annotation and move it. You can also resize it by dragging the edge. To move Note annotation, just long press, then move like other annotations.

3. Can I view outline, bookmark or annotations like iPad on iPhone/iTouch?
Yes! In iPhone/iTouch, after open pdf, you will see a panel on the left, press it or slide from left to right.

4. Why I can't find Undo/Redo on iPhone/iTouch?
We use shake to undo/redo like other apple apps.

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What's New in Version 3.1.1

- Fix highlight will not be displayed after mark.
- Fix Google Drive cannot list over 100 items.
- Fix touch highlight button when select text, highlight button is not selected.

یکی از بهترین کتاب خوان ها برای iOS است. سرعت در این اپلیکیشن حرف اول را می زند، می توانید با خیالی راحت کتابهای مورد علاقه خود را در این برنامه کپی کنید و در هرزمان کتابی جدید را تجربه کنید.

ویژگیهای اپلیکیشن Foxit Mobile PDF:

سرعت بالا در اجرای فایلهای PDF
انعظاف پذیری در نحوه نمایش
منوی اسلایدی برای کنترل راحت تر
امکان بوکمارک و جستجوی پیشرفته
جستجوی کلمه ای خاص در گوگل و ویکی پدیا
امکان حاشیه نویسی
امکان بازخوانی و کپی PDF از طریق ایمیل، Wi-Fi و انتقال فایل از طریق کامپیوتر
انتخاب و کپی قسمتی از متن
امکان تعریف رمز برای هرکدام از فایلها
پشتیبانی از آیفون 5



دانلود رایگان از ایتونز (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/foxit-mobile-pdf/id507040546?mt=8)