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Knots Guide


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کاربرد برنامه:books + reference/ reference

قيمت: رايگان
منتشر کننده:SusaSoftX

حجم:6 MB

تاریخ انتشار:12/30/2011


برنامه مختص:Windows Phone 8 Windows Phone 7.5

زبان:English US

توضیحات: نرم افزار راهنمای گره زدن متشکل از مجموعه مرجع سریع از گره های مختلف است. در حال حاضر این برنامه شامل 92 گره به 10 دسته تقسیم می شوند.

ویژگی ها:

* انواع گره در ۱۰ دسته متفاوت ( تزئینی، ماهیگیری، کوهنوردی، شلاق و … )
* مجموعا دارای ۹۲ گره مختلف
* قابلیت زوم بروی عکس گره و توضیحات آن
* توضیحات جامع و کامل همراه با تصویر

The Knots Guide application is a SIMPLE quick reference collection of different knots. Currently the application contains 92 knots divided into 10 categories.

- 92 knots
- Zoom Feature: Click knot image and a new view with zoomed knot image appears.
- Illustrations and descriptions of each knot
- 10 categories(Bend, Binding, Climbing, Decorative, Fishing, Hitch, Looping, Running, Stopper and Whipping)

Some included knots
Albright knotAnglers loop
Ashley's bend
Ashley's Stopper knot
Beer knot
Bimini Twist knot
Blood knot
Boa knot
Bottle Sling
Bumper knot
Carrick bend
Diamond knot
Double Overhand knot
Double Fisherman's knot
Dropper loop
Fisherman's knot
Euro Death knot
Figure-eigth knot
Flemish bend
Hangman's knot
Monkeys fist
Nail knot
Overhand knot
Packer's knot
Running Bowline
Stranglers knot
Stevedore knot
Surgeon's knot
Thief knot
True Lover's knot
Water knot
Zeppelin bend
Zeppelin loop

How To
The first view of the application contains a list with all the knot categories. By clicking a category a new view with the listed knots for the respective category are shown. By further clicking on a knot a more detailed view with illustrations and text is shown. To zoom the knot image use the pinch zoom feature.

Note1: Ad Supported!

Note2: A knot is a method for fastening or securing linear material such as rope by tying or interweaving. Due to England's strong naval tradition, the English language has a large technical vocabulary for describing knots.

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