توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : ROM][UNOFFICIAL][5.0.2] BlissPop by Team Bliss v 1.7 | Taoshan | Beta]|اندرويد 5.0.2

18-01-2015, 19:09
ROM][UNOFFICIAL][5.0.2] BlissPop by Team Bliss v 1.7 | Taoshan | Beta]



Personalization Options

-Clock & Date Options
-Option to show seconds in time
-Battery Options (Portrait, Landscape, Circle, Text or Hidden)
-Battery Bar Options
-Traffic Monitor
-Brightness Control
-Notification Count
-Notification Ticker
-Carrier Label Options

Recents Options
-Clear All Button Tweaks
-Option to show Google search bar in recents Menu
-OmniSwitch (Option to replace recents menu with Omniswitch)

Quick Settings

-Quick Pulldown (Left, Right, Off)
-Smart Pulldown

Gesture Anywhere
-Location Options
-Trigger Regions

-Toast Animations
-Listview Animations
-System Animations
-Scrolling Cache
-Scrolling Modifiers

App Circle Bar

-Choose what apps you want to show on the App Circle Bar
-Trigger width, position and height

AudioFX Equalizer

Device Options

-Navigation Bar Buttons & Options (Height & Width)

-Power Button End Call option
-Home Button Options (Wake up device, Answer call, Long Press Action, Double Tap Action)
-Back Button Wake Up Device option
-Menu Button Options (Wake up device, Short Press Action, Long Press Action)
-Backlight Duration

Sound & Notification Options

-Media, Alarm & Ring Volume Options
-Increasing Ring Volume
-Call Vibration
-Interruption Options
-Notification Light Options
-Battery Light Options
-App Notification Options
-Notification Access
-Camera Shutter sound, Screenshot Sound, Safe Headset Volume
-Less Frequent Notifications
-Heads Up Notification with Snooze Timer & Time Out

-Device Control - Allows control of kernel settings & other device options
-Advanced Reboot
-Wakelock Blocker

--Many other settings throughout the rom. Take some time to familiarize yourself with all the blissful options!


دانلود رام (http://4upld.com/1ws8w)

دانلود نرم افزارهاي گوگل (http://fitsnugly.euroskank.com/?rom=banks&device=gapps)

آموزش نصب :

1. ابتدا رام و نرم افزارهاي گوگل را به مموري كارت منتقل كنيد
2. سپس ريكاوري زير را دانلود كرده و بعد از ان توسط محيط ريكاوري فلش كنيد(یعنی توی یه کاستوم ریکاوری دیگه (فرقی نمیکنه چه نسخه از اندروید یا هر چیز دیگهی باشه) . فقط بعد فلش ریکاوری مخصوص این رام ، حتما" بعد روشن کردن گوشی عملیات نصب رام انجام بدین)):
Download (https://www.dropbox.com/s/0aubm38kjpcgn5a/BlissPop_kernel.zip?dl=0)

3. وارد ريكاوري شده و wipe data - wipe cash - wipe dalvik cash انجام دهيد
4. رام و پس از ان نرم افزارهاي گوگل را فلش كنيد
5. ريبوت و لذت


As you all know, Lollipop is new and there are going to be bugs.
Please bear with us while we work on getting things updated, and all errors fixed.
If you have a major bug to report that has not been reported already, and is not a known issue with CM,
please take the following steps to report it to us. It will save you time, as well as us.

1) front cam in camera next, google camera doesnt work , use 3rd party apps like camera zoom fx(everything works)
2) calculator fc

-Download the Catlog app from the Play Store.
There is also a donate version which you can purchase to show appreciation.
-After downloading the Catlog app, go to the app settings, and change the log level to Debug.
-Clear all previous logs and take the exact steps to produce the error you are receiving.
-As soon as you receive the error (probably a force close), go straight into Catlog and stop the log recording.
-Copy and paste the entire log either to Hastebin or Pastebin
-Save the log, and copy and paste the link into the forum with a brief description of the error.
-You can also open trouble tickets on our website for bugs.

اسكرين شات و لينك منبع (http://forum.xda-developers.com/xperia-l/orig-development/rom-blisspop-team-bliss-1-6-taoshan-t2999824/post58102033#post58102033)

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لینک دانلود رام اضافه شد...

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