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05-09-2015, 14:10
Next Keyboard - Beautiful Themes, New Emojis & Stickers



Still buggy

by eggimage
Glitch 1: When swiping across the emoji list on the bottom row, it switches keyboard to another one. It's kinda hard to describe. Basically, place your thumb on the bottom row of emoji where it shows all emoji categories, keep swiping left and right repeatedly, it can switch you out to the next keyboard, this gets triggered mostly when touching either the left or right corner.

Glitch 2: in certain apps (haven't tested all) when your text lines reach the bottom, the page doesn't scroll down automatically and you'd have to keep scrolling the page on your own, this really defeats the purpose of this app.

Glitch 3: input latency is noticeable. You can feel it's slower than using the default keyboard. It's very minimal but slow enough to make it uncomfortable when typing fast. Now I can feel I'm subconsciously slowing down a little.

Glitch 4: probably not this app's fault. The keyboard startup time is too slow. But this issue exists on other 3rd party keyboards too. Perhaps it's the OS's problem.

There may be more. Will upsate this when I notice other ones

Finally launched

by Mrlemmers
Haha somehow I managed to get this keyboard without paying the 3.99$ downloaded immediately when it hit the AppStore, must have been before the price had even been set for the application. They can blame Apple for that one, with that being said it is decent, themes look pretty, auto correction works albeit, it needs some logic improvements, and overall for a keyboard spent this long in development it has too many crashes to the stock iOS keyboard. Fleksy pretty much never crashes and neither does SwiftKey. Which means it is possible to create a keyboard which doesn't crash, it just must be incredibly difficult.

After well over a year or waiting;

by A0113283
The version of Next keyboard finally submitted to the App Store (the first time was a joke that was simply "enter your email address and wait some more", then was promptly removed an hour later due to the backlash) is a stripped down version that has missing features to make it as stable as possible (for a third-party keyboard) for good reviews. Swiping is removed, the auto correct is more annoying than helpful and there is a bug when backspacing after a period has been inserted. Overall it's pretty and the cursor control is nice but I would not recommend Next over much better keyboards. The frustration was not worth the wait.

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