توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : رام Kushan Rom ورژن8 برای 9505

17-10-2015, 20:10
با دورود
8نسخه از این رام منتشر شده!!!
من ندیدم تو سایت کسی این رام رو معرفی کرده باشه
مشخصات رام:

ROM Features:

- Official HOH2 as Base
- Added my Special Super Secret Tweak
- Made a Special Ultra Lite Version (600 Mb Only)
- Fixed StageFright Vulnerebility
- Made the recents tiles more beatiful (curved edges)
- Added Xposed Support
- Completely Deodexed & Zipaligned
- Completely removed Knox stuff
- Pre Rooted with Latest SU!
- Updated GAAPS
- Added int.d support
- Added Busy Box
- Added UPSM (Ultra PowerSaving Mode)
- Added Sqlite Script (Performed once at boot every 7 days)
- Added Zipalign Script (Performed once at boot every 4 days)
- Added Sqlite3 Script
- Added Beatiful Gallery Transition effects
- Enabled Grey Scale Mode
- Enbled Emergency Mode option in power menu
- Bundled by default with Kushan Kernel
- Ported S6 SystemUI
- Ported S6 Status Bar Symbols
- Added S6 Weather Widget
- Fixed Story Album Crash
- Fixed Link Platform Crash
- Added many CSC tweaks and features
- Fixed the Memory Leak by Default
- Almost fixed the LAG (lollipop issue)
- Added Priority Sender in Messages
- Added Theme Support by Default
- Enabled Ambient Display
- [B]Added 3Minit Battery Mod as a flashable mod/B]
- Centred Lockscreen Clock, personal message, and weather widget
- Enabled In-Call Recording
- Added In-Call Status Popup
- Added Weather in Lockscreen (If the weather widget is used)
- Added Padometer in Lockscreen
- Added S6 Keyboard
- Added S6 File Manager
- Added S6 Music
- Added S6 Smart Remote
- Added Note 5 Calculator
- Added and set beatiful & bright wallpapers as Default
- Added S6 Sounds
- Added S6 Boot Sound

- Added S6 Fonts
- Added Project Noble, A8 & S6 Themes by Default
- Enabled Toolbox
- Enabled to Display Battery % from 1st Boot
- Some build.prop tweaks
- Fixed External Sdcard Write Block Error
- Enabled 5 Way Reboot Menu
- Changed the UI of Settings of better navigation through settings
-Added Exit prompt when quiting browser
-Many more CSC features tweaks
- Lite Version now boots under 6 Minutes (First boot)
- Made the Rom overall Snappier and more Responsive

Bugs/Not Working
If you reboot while UPSM enabled then you will face bootloop
Splanner Widget Crash ( Due to UPSM)

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17-10-2015, 20:21
برای نصب باید:

گوشی روت بشه
ریکاوری کاستوم نصب باشه
رام رو دانلود و به مموری کارت منقل کنید
به ریکاوری رفته و وایپهای:Wipe System,Wipe Cache,Wipe Data,Wipe DalvikCache,Wipe preload,Wipe Cach رو انجام بدید و ریبوت کنید
برای اولین بوت 10تا 15 زمان لازم است.