توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : BlacKOMB MP 2.0::فوق العاده ترین مونسترپک گوشی V3I موتورولا

27-03-2009, 19:05
مونسترپک BlacKOMB MP 2.0 گوشی V3i

BlacKOMB MP 2.0 by artyomm

به نام خدا

این مونستر پکی که مشاهده میکنید جدیدترین و بهترین مونسترپک برای این گوشی است که البته فعلا برای گوشی با ورژن R4441D هست که امکانات فوق العاده ای داره که در پایین اونا را میبینید و یک جهشی در MP های V3I محسوب میشه.

امیدواریم که این MP برای ورژن های R47A-R479 هم عرضه بشه.

MonsterPack is based on BlacKOMB 3.02 from GALL.

Motorola Model: V3i
SW: R4441D_G_08.03.05R
Flex: BlacKOMB Flex by artyomm
Boot Loader: 0A.30
Language: LP002e with iTap, is changed for 15 px., Russian and English

Changes in CG1 and CG2


* ELF's
* MMS 512 KB
* MP3 bitrate 320 kbit/s
* USB charging instead of the animation
* Display activity (it does not turn off, but it decreases intensity)
* Included report about the SMS delivery
* External screen same as on V360
* Access to the system files
* Access to the concealed folders
* Ringtones aren't removed with the change of SIM card
* Corelets the Java list
* Name and time in the alarm clock list
* Removed vibration and sound with a change of the volume level
* New size of the date
* New size of the number
* New size of the files
* Keyboard illumination(20-40-60 sec., continuously, ON/OFF)
* Illumination after screen closing set to 2 sec.
* Safe-check on removal of safety and addresses
* Receiving and sending of all files on bluetooth
* Taking the SMS melody from the subscriber
* Increase in the dictionary of iTAP (to 10 KB)
* Increase of Java files (up to 1496 KB)
* Hours shown on status line
* Icon of alarm clock shown on status line
* Java transfer with the cable
* Cancellation of the corelets signatures and Java authority
* No Java icon
* Change in the order (in SMS)
* Change of the time font on the home screen
* Saving of camera photos without the closing of the menu
* Colors in Java (black background)

Changes in SEEMs:

* 60 recent calls
* EDGE is activated
* Video recording of MP4 up to 32 mb.(it is possible to decrease/increase)
* Designation of picture to the subscriber from flash card
* Style of notification does not change with the connection of cable or charging
* Rhythm-illumination and the call-lights

Skins (on skin change all the graphics completely changes)
















ELFs (it is used 5.6 library)

* MotoCMD (file manager, the transfer of files over bluetooth)
* Tunes (musical player, reproduces the music through playlists which are created by the ELF CreateDB)
* RedMenu (additional menu of commands, like turn off, reloading, ELF's, BootLoader mode and others. It's started by holding red call button, it works with the ELF Demon)
* MidTransfer (transfer of Java on bluetooth)
* Backuper (make and restores backups of Phonebook, SMS, markers and PDS. Backups are made in separate folder, where this ELF is located)
* SeemEditor (no comments))
* MultyPhoto (starting of ELF takes photographs, so there's noo need for red button)
* Stopwatch (stopwatch, control keys are 2-5-8)
* AutoRecord (recording telephone conversations, with the start sound (conversation) it is necessary to press left key to enable it. Also it's necessary to give it a little time to start prior to the beginning of conversation)
* AutoWebSes (if websessions are named same as provider, with the change of SIM card ELF will automatically replace websessions)
* Date (it substitutes the operator and date on the home screen with battery and network indicators, and the extended information about the date)
* SaveAs (when receving files on bluetooth it makes it possible to select any place for saving and allow renaming of the file)
* Drmchanger (it allows, without changing DRM, to replace any icons with the change of skin. To do this it's necessary to create DRM folder inside the skin folder and to place icons there, numerated as they should be in DRM)
* UsbModePT (with the connection of cable it makes possible to select the regime: flash card, telephone, modem)


Look at the screenshot.

Wakeup/Shutdown animations and sounds are changed.


Replaced cl.gif


Gain_table.bin è param_table.bin are sufficiently loud. Sound adjusted for both, external, the dynamics and internal, sensitive microphone.

Funlight.pat is borrowed from BlacKOMB.

دانلود (http://letitbit.net/download/9e19cb941236/BlacKOMB-MP-2.0-by-artyomm.rar.html)

دانلود از M3 (http://www.modmymoto.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=18881) ( با نام کاربری: SAM FISHER و پسورد : 123456)

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سلام. خسته نباشيد.

واسه r47a كي مياد؟؟؟

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سلام. خسته نباشيد.

واسه r47a كي مياد؟؟؟

سلام alfex_td عزیز

اومدنش دست خداست ! فعلا باید صبر کنیم . اگه خبری برایr479 - r47a شد در انجمن معرفیش میکنم

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دوروبرت r3443 نیست؟