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[HOT] TomClaw MobilePump v3.0 EN by cupinthemud [Mobile Download Manager]

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MobilePump - Mobile Pump, a program designed for Downloads a file from the Internet. Created by TomClaw Software 2003-2009, author: ?????? ?????. English translation: cupinthemud. Distributed free of charge in accordance with the license GNU / GPL.

Program Features--

1. Downloading___

Add new tasks (EnterURL )and a path to save. All other parameters are optional. But you can also specify the file name under which the downloaded data will be saved if the file already exists, it can be overwritten or renamed, according to the following settings; task can be scheduled at the end of the previous download or time.If you specify both types of plan, the download will be started upon the occurrence of both conditions. Authorisation feature is intended to enter the server if it is necessary to download the file.

2. Resume

This manager allows Resume Download files if server supports it. To Resume file, you must tick "Resume interrupted" dialog added load, or configured, the "Network", tick the 'pumps all interrupted. "

3. Download functionality

This application allows you to download any files, whether it is static, stored on the server, usually having a fixed size, and the dynamic that generated by the server upon request. This product allows you to download an unlimited number of files simultaneously, only limitation is power of the phone. Importantly, MobilePump implemented floating buffer technology, designed Solkin Igor, which allows you to adjust the boot parameters, or rather, the buffer size for the stability of the connection.Also, the application can resume download if server is supprted . Schedule, allocation of continued download, all this is in MobilePump. Many do not present even in download manager for your PC.

4. Logs

MobilePump keeps logs downloads. It is necessary in order to monitor a server error, to watch the behavior of programs when connecting and downloading files.To view the boot log in the task list, move the cursor on the element, the log that you want to view, activate it with the central key and the list that appears, select "Log". This opens a form with numbering, time and explanation of action.

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