توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : HeartlessMOD::مونسترپک گوشی K1 موتورولا

22-09-2009, 23:37

اینم مونسترپکی جدید برای گوشی موتورولا K1


HeartlessMOD@K1 : Communication in a Perfect Harmony

I just borrowed my girlfriends k1 for modding. So this mp was originally created for her but Why would it stay just on her phone ? K1 owners might also try it. Stock K1 was really boring and slow but after some modifications, it runs smooth and looks so stylish. HeartlessMOD@K1 is all about stability, balanced modifications running in a perfect harmony and good looks. MP is unlocked and unbranded. It's based on Babylon Mp by Spermansweb.
MP can be flashed safely to K1 phones with R4527 series software with bootloader 0A.B2 and 0A.B4 with Flash&Backup 3.07 or RSD Lite 3.9 or newer.

همانطور که در بالا مشاهده کردید این فریمور برای گوشی K1 با بوت لودر 0A.B2 and 0A.B4 هست .

برای فلش کردن هم از برنامه Flash&Backup 3.07 یا RSD Lite 3.9 به بالا استفاده کنید . این دو برنامه هم در قسمت نرم افزار های مرتبط با کامپیوتر است.


MP Characteristics :

SW : R4527_G_08.42.0BR_A
Bootloader : 0A.B2 and 0A.B4
LP0039 : Turkish, English, German,Dutch,Portuegese,Spanish,Italian, Spanish
DRM: IGreen DRM %35 Faster by zDuneX25 ported by SocaSLVR
Font : Blue Highway by Semseddin, includes special characters for various alphabets.

بعد از فلش این فریمور میتوانید پک فارسی روهم از همن بخش دانلود کنید و روی گوشی فلش کنید.

ویژگی های این مونسترپک را هم در زیر مشاهده میکنید که نسبت به مونسترپک های قبلی خیلی عالیه .

Modifications :

* Bluetooth Visibility time set to 10 minutes
* Stronger signal reception
* 12 icons menu
* Stylish MOTOKRZR startup/shutdown animations
* Index Scrolling (Browse file list with keypad)
* Speakerphone calls doesn't end with flip closed
* Numbers without dashes
* More security options, security can lock more areas with password
* Last calls and Messages aren't deleted with SIM swap
* Removed stock skins
* Photos and videos in full screen
* Lunar Calendar available
* View Pictures in list (1x1) or grid (2x2) modes
* Unlimited voice recording
* Menu opcode Enabled (Menu +048263 *)
* Side Keylock activated
* Restricted Outgoing Calls / Incoming (On)
* View files from TF and phone together
* Save SMS in phone or SIM option enabled
* Switching between calls with * / #
* MMS Size Limit (On/off enabled)
* Preferred Card (On/off enabled)
* USB Charging Animation * (On/off)
* Speedy text scrolling
* Security Talk (activated)
* PTT (Push-To-Talk) Enabled
* Airplane Mode Enabled
* Quadband EDGE and activated
* Volume boosted, very high volume with no cracking
* Best camera settings
* World Clock Enabled
* TalkingPhone and ObeyMeMoto, Spanish (Spain) and English (UK)
* Recording unlimited videos to Memory Card.
* Recording format MP4
* Ringstyle doesn't change when charging or connecting to pc
* Delete confirmations enabled
* Press and hold # key on stanby screen to change ringstyle to vibration
* Backlight continuous mode enabled
* Cost of calls (On)
* 50 bookmarks in web browser
* Show 100 incoming/outgoing calls in recent calls list
* Blue highway font, small yet readable and classy, including special characters for dutch,german,turkish alphabets.
* Keylock enabled ( hold * key on standby screen)
* SMS counter from 3200 characters
* Faster phone, %35
* Change external gif easily, file located in pictures " c.gif "
* All stock images,sounds,games and other dirt deleted
* Funlights activated and running smooth
* Auto dialing PIN (ON)
* SMS History is enabled.
* Turkcell websessions are available
* Special skin for external screen for K1 from Motomudder
* Answer options ; Flip to answer on/off enabled
* And really many many more which i can't remember right now.

دانلود :


اگه عضو این سایت نیستید از یوزر SAM FISHER و پسورد 123456 استفاده کنید.
حجم این فریمور حدود 29 مگا بایت است .

بزودی لینک جدید این فریمور رو هم براتون میذارم تا راحت تر دانلود کنید.

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