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29-09-2009, 15:30
برنامه ای جهت نمایش کانتکت ها به صورت آیفون و کاملا Finger Friendly



iContact is a simple contacts applications for your Windows Mobile device which will help you scroll your contact list in iPhone style by sliding down your finger in the screen! It's really amazing and if you get used to it iContact could be one of your everyday apps.

The app is very basic, it only lists contacts in scrollable list. Use it for accessing your contacts by scrolling the list with fingers, similar to iPhone. Just tap, drag and release.

To select a contact, just tap and release, and standard contact details dialog should appear.

0.95 - September 29, 2009
* [+] Added "Remove Shortcut" button to details screen if appropriate
* [+] Added "createshortcut" and "removeshortcut" to language file
* [+] Added contact shortcut icons to start menu shortcuts for Windows Mobile 6.5
* [+] Added ability for hardware "*" key to favorite/defavorite a contact
* [#] Fixed outgoing calls to numbers with no name displaying [null]
* [#] Hid SIP button being displayed by iContactAE