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23-11-2009, 13:52
MiTo Team Paint v1.3.20081122

نرم افزاری بسیار ساده و کم حجم جهت نقاشی در پاکت پیسی

قابل نصب بر روی: PocketPC 2003(SE), WM5, WM6

سایت مرجع (http://mito-team.com/projects/mito-team-paint/artwork)


Small program for PocketPC that allows you to draw pictures like on paper. Program is VERY simple. It allows you to draw with different pen colors and line widths. After that you can save your picture to BMP-file. Just run and enjoy it!

It was written in an couple of hours just to test .NET Compact Framework v2.0 capabilities. But the result is so funny that we decided to provide it for public usage.
Take a look at MiTo Team Paint artwork examples!

Version 1.3.20081122 release introduced two new tools in addition to classic "pen tool": Sprayer and Color Picker. Sprayer is something like using painting spray. You can adjust the size of paint spot and intensity of spraying. Color Picker is another simple tool allowing you to set color of any point of picture as current color.

You can also create and maintain your own pen presets with latest version of program. This custom pens ("My Pens") can be selected from menu just like standard pens.

To install programm just copy MiToTeamPaintSetup.cab file to your PocketPC and run it.

There are 1-2 new versions in a year released now. We are open for your ideas. Please feel free to report bugs or make a suggestions.

Update Description:
v1.3.20081122 (22-11-2008):
- Ability to save own pen presets added.
- Sprayer tool added.
- Color Picker tool added.
- Current tool status is shown at the screen bottom near color indicator.
- "Redisplay" menu item
- "Program is crashed when clicking outside of colored cells in RGB Selector" bug fixed.

v1.2 (09-07-2008):
- "RGB Color Selector" dialog added.
- Current color indicator is shown in left bottom screen corner.